Hmm. Zelinsky is sounding like a grand Master Pimp cocain King and the overlords of America love him.

I have no fucking idea why the hellmouth news allows Tucker Carlson saying the ruth about everybody bullshiting about the Ukraine situation on TV. Other then the fact nobody with power gives a damn and nobody without will power gives a damn what the truth is.

It’s amazing. I thank Jesus Christ for that these assholes that defend and cheer and kiss King Zelinsky’s ass about his Supreme allowed dominace of Ukraine are all on record. U. S. Pimps and hoes love this and love mind fucking the public with their sexaul perverted fantasies of reality.

Once again. This shit has nothing to do with me or any sane American but NWO leaders here in America care. They care very deeply. Why? Because gangsters in the same gang respect each other as valuable members.

This shit. This fucking shit. You have U.S. political leaders cheering for a dictator they support and love. Then turning around throwing Shade on mother Russia for being a dictatorship. Pimp cocain democrats and stable of GOP hoes.

None of this surprises me. I am still weirded out when I hear average day normies think all the bullcrap is real. Good guys vs bad guys bullshit.

All of it is the pimping game. I ain’t a John though waiting to get tricked out. I’m a cheap mother fucker. Paying to have my mind fucked along with my check is not my idea of a fun time.

This is fucking clown world, my dude.

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Warm regards



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