A tale of three opinions…hellmouth news, a nihilist and a realist…

Hellmouth news…..

Tucker Carlson bringing up facts about Zelinsky being a dictator and the U.S. leaders support him. Why? He says most of them are dumbasses and agree to it because they would like to have that same energy or dictatorship boot to neck policy in a free America. Hmm.

A nihilist….

The man makes a logical and reasonable argument about it being stupid for Ukraine to not surrender to survive. I urge you to look up what he’s saying because it’s interesting.

A realist…

My thoughts on Hellmouth talk show host Tucker Carlson. I agree with his take on everyone being full of shit in defending Zelinsky’s dictatorship. I disagree that America is a democratic free country. When you have U.S. state overlords saying if you don’t take the jab you can’t work or fucking with your money and economy because the leaders say so. We the people didn’t vote for mask mandates, vaccines and lockdowns that did nothing to stop the spread of Covid.That ain’t freedom.

My thoughts about the nihilist thoughts. I agree with his logical arguments that people are full of shit if you side with one side over the other and tell people to fight in a war you have no skin in because of feelings. I disagree with the notion in part that there are no winners in war. If Russia gets what it wants then Zelinsky is fucked with an iron rod.

My overall thoughts of course are this has nothing to do with me and there will be some new distraction to come along after Russia possibly gets rid of Zelinsky end the near future.

Warm regards


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