Okay it’s been some time let’s talk about why we should abort rapists and Jackels #PTBTS

Look I’m trying to make the case every once in a while it is perfectly okay to legally take a Jackel or Rapist to the back of a barn and…

Put that bitch to SLEEP.

Real talk. Jackels are a bain on society and a shit stain on masculine pride day. More on MP day later…

Look. I understand the need to do things legally. I’m all for the shit. Putting Jackels in prison tell the prison population about their evil crimes and addiction to fucking with the legazy of fathers and mothers.

Turn out the lights, open a prison door and pick up the body in the morning….

All seriousness. What is wrong with acknowledging we all want and desire a world where we can legally put a bitch to sleep? Can’t we all agree that given the go ahead by an elected official or The Lord himself putting the magnum in our hands we would gladly put bitches to SLEEP.

Real talk. My Black Rambo skin cousins have a quiet code about this shit or a tradition long standing. If you are caught. Holy Shit. The Black Rambo turns into Judge Dredd. “Bitch you better turn your ass in before uncle Leroy find out what you did and put your Bitch ass to SLEEP.” – Momma Rambo with a 45. Peace maker. She didn’t wait for Uncle Leroy she had a hair appointment that day.

Shit kickers I know have a more open policy about it. I’m in shit kicking texas my dude. Just the other day I saw a decal on a red SUV. It was two figures. One shit kicker standing over a kneeing Jackel with a peace maker in his hand.  There was a saying around the two figures it said….

Kill your local pedefile…now I don’t agree with notion of killing. Murder is wrong.

I support legally taking a bitch ass Jackel to the back of a barn and putting that BITCH to SLEEP.

Warm Regards


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