Brainstorming. Tomorrow  people 1990s. Urban fantasy. The problem of killing.

I’ve had a problem with the killing rule of Tomorrow People 1990s version. Not the notion of it but the reason. In the show it was some weird bullshit evolution or de-evolution switch.

Kevin Grey


Chapter ?

I was getting out of my part time job at McDonald’s and headed for the spot where my mother was usually waiting for me in her car. She wasn’t there. That wasn’t right. I sent out an echo searching for her mind. Nothing.


I turned toward the woman. She was a tall beautiful white Irish lady with lovely long red hair. She was dressed in blue jeans a leather jacket. She was a stranger. She felt like I should know her but I couldn’t hear her.

I walked around her keeping distance. “Where’s my mother?” I asked.

“She’s with the family. I can take you to her. I can teach you how to become stronger then who you are. I can make you a true paladin warrior for your country.” She said using some type of spell in her voice to make me want to obey her.

I kept my distance. “Wow. Hold it. I don’t know you. I’m not a warrior or paladin. I’m just a normal sixteen year old kid.” I said. I stopped when I heard the echo of a violent thought from behind her mental shield.

I stared at her now. “What the fuck happened to you?” I said with meaning to. She wasn’t supposed to be this way.

The girl blinked in suprise. “You care?”

I stared at her. “Of course I care. You were my sister.”

She glared at me. She had a gun and was thinking about taking me by force. She was losing focus on her shield. “So what now? Your going to abandon me like him and the others.”

What the hell was going? I didn’t know her. I shook my head. “Your mind is plagued in blood and violence. Your blocking us out. This isn’t who we are. This isn’t our orgin. This is their way. Not ours.” I said and held out my hand. “Come with me Becky.” I said as I felt the call of Orgin. As I felt Adam waiting. “Please.” I said.

Becky stared at me I felt her anger and rage still but she kept it in check. I had said the right words. The words that were logical and from my heart. I needed to save her. My mother would take time to find and save but Becky.

Becky looked behind me. I felt someone blown away. She did it though I know she could have done worse but it might have hurt me. I stepped toward her.

She backed up and drew her gun.  She stared at me. You can’t save me little sister. I’m to far gone. I can’t find the way home again. Go home. I’ll let you go now but next time I’m keeping you.

I stared at her. I’ll never give up on you. I will find a way.

Becky smiled. “I know.” She said and fired the gun.

I dropped into the sea and worked my way up to the surface. Adam was waiting for me and took my hand. We felt it then. Shit. I did not need this now. I didn’t even know Adam. Well I did. Damn it. The next second we were on the beach.

Adam smiled nervously at me. How about some breakfast?

“Adam. I’m sixteen and your nineteen. Happy Birthday. I’m not doing this shit right now. I have to find my mother.”

Adam snorted and I laughed understanding hit me at the same I heard the echos of his own thoughts.

He smiled. “Ah yeah. You really need to slow down little sister. Breakfast first and then we need to get a game plan going to finding your Mum. ” Adam said not belittling me but a little nervous himself about the whole touch thing.

He led the way to the orgin and I looked around. Adam noticed and nodded. “Kevin and Pete aren’t here yet.” He said.

“They should be here tonight though.” I said finishing his thought and my own. “Damn that’s weird. So about Becky?”

Adam shook his head. “That’s going to take even longer. She’s older then us and been changed by the magic bullshiters con game. Be patient. I think you’ll win her over to our side.”

“Do you know how or when?” I asked.

Adam shrugged. “The fuck I know. We have limits to our power and magic bullshiters have an edge in this world.”

“Yeah so ah. Do you want to talk about-“

“No. So stop thinking it. I don’t have an answer and I don’t want to think about it now of all times. The others will be coming and here’s the entrance.” Adam said stopping at the door to the orgin.

A red glow of energy surrounded him with glow lighting flashing and then he was now in the orgin.

Show off. I touched the entrance and it lite up and then sucked me inside to the main room of the orgin.

Adam held out a long glass of breakfast to me and a butterfinger. I frowned at the candy bar but took it and the glass.

He smiled. “The breakfast drink taste better with it. The orgin provides what the body needs but not modern flavor.”

I smiled. “Thanks.” I said and dipped it in the breakfast drink before taking a drink. It tasted like grass and air but the butterfinger helped.

– I have to stop here. I could go on and on with this shit. –

Warm Regards



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