How did The CW the Flash show become converged into big mac shit sandwich.

If you do something long enough and study the good and bad in the process you get the feeling for when something has converged from being creative to being a shit sandwich layered in mayonnaise.

The strange case of the Flash on the CW converging into the shitter. A post that deserves a deep analysis of it’s own but being short on time because I got to get to work let’s cut through the bullshit.

The Flash was a simple B graded show in the beginning. It had heart and simple stories and a likeable main character good budget at the beginning. It didn’t need to be more it started out good.

What the fuck happened? In a word. A shitstorm. It became an overbloated shit storm my dude that other shity CW shit shows sucked the fucking blood and life from to stay alive.

Now. If you like the shit storm of the CW shit machine to each his own bullshit. But, honest and true. At the fucking beginning The Flash as a show that focused on the charecter and his story is much more watchable then what the fuck happened with all these side characters fucking their way into the Flash’s universe.

It’s a lesson in art. You can start out focused and over bloat your shit from the focus.


You can start out with a mess and turn the shit around by focus and detail. Bob Ross would have said it more elegantly.

Warm Regards


P. S. We didn’t need a Super Girl show mother fucker. Wonder Woman can have as many shows from now to forever. Fuck it. Team Wonder Woman rules. Suck it, Super Girl fan boys.

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