Crafting an Antagonist but not a villian. (Writing craft) (comedy)

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. I’ve failed often times to craft a truely great antagonist in writing who you could understand and not outright get the feeling this fucker is insane.

But, it came to me as I was watching some bullshit video on some nameless bullshit site. The dude was an asshole that was trying to get with some sluppy looking bitch for some romantic bullshit reason because he fell in love with her mind but he was being a sneaky asshole about faking it with innocent old beta bitch is not trying to hit it act.

Holy shit!

I was bored and I was in a low energy level or some bullshit.

The video did give me a thought about the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. I haven’t read the book yet but I know and you know the story.

Some asshole Mr. Nice guy scientist keeps drinking a magic potion that turns him into a asshole without the nice guy face.

I wanted to flip that shit a bit. What if the antagonist is a smart dude with simple motivations. Human shit. A 5’5 shorty and a shiny new 2021 mustang.

The story. Main character Cindy Shorty ain’t feeling antagonist Bill Bastard and the bitch thinks of him as her personal beta bitch simp. So does he hatch a plan to woe her with a new mustang and muscles?

Fuck no my dude. He crafts a plan to go after her hotter younger sister Betty Shorty, my dude. Hard. He gets the car on lease and goes after Betty like a stone cold player. Charming, funny and big dick energy and all.

Cindy doesn’t like the shit. Because she’s a jealous bitch. She tries to stop the shit because Bill says he’s not really into Betty but he’ll marry her and dump her if it don’t work out.

Cindy is openly furious at Bill but her panties are going up in flames for Bill my dude. She’s smelling some big dick energy.

Cindy goes nuts. She is slutting it up and going after Bill hard trying to get him to stop dating her sister. Bill is playing it cool and denying the bitch.

Cindy then goes super crazy and seduces Bill into bed and gets pregnant. She tells Betty about Bill seducing her and playing Betty for Cindy’s affection and all that bullshit. Betty buys it.

Cindy is pregnant so she uses this as a opportunity to force Bill to marry her. At the wedding day Cindy’s brother Jack gives Bill a check for five grand.

Cindy asks about the check. Bill looks at her and says. “I made him a bet that you would force me to marry you in under a year. I needed it to pay off the lease on my car.” He said.

Cindy acts all offened but she’s sniffing his scent my dude. Big dick energy is making this bitch looking for a back room and a table for Bill to put her on. She goes to Betty and talks to her about it. Betty smiles and doesn’t look surprised at all. She looks like she knew the whole damn time.

Now Cindy is the main character. Bill is the antagonist. Bill is an asshole but damn if you can’t respect his game.

Damn this was a long one…

Warm, Regards



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