What’s the challenge of the day for you? For me it’s regular bullshit and self-imposed challenges

I grew up wanting to be a writer and being a gamer. Why don’t I talk about the gaming shit?

The fuck I know?


The challenges of life and writing often times are more inspiring for me to write about. I’ve got my every day shit. For me the consent shit is energy management and basic goals getting my mind right for the day.

Alright. Fuck I don’t want to get up but fuck it I have to get. Push.

I noticed recently I’ve been setting mini challenges for myself throughout the day and during work. Not the bullshit goals, corporate tasks you. What’s my goal for my assignment? How can I achieve my goal at maximum speed and energy level management?”

Of course I didn’t notice this at first until yesterday when I didn’t fullfill my own goals. I felt the disappointment of it and I wondered at it.

It’s the feeling of playing a game with yourself or a strong opponent and trying to achieve a minor or big victory in a single bout or game.

What drives you? What drives us all to challenge ourselves to be better then we were yesterday?

The conflict or the challenge of every day living can get boring as fuck sometimes. The same thing over and over again and again. But, challenges we set for ourselves or goals make add a spice to it that was not there yesterday or two days ago.

Just some food for thought.

Warm, Regards


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