Hell and damnation….Chapter 5 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


We arrived to hell. I jumped out of the passenger side of the passenger side open door before it came to a complete stop. Damn it. The fuckers had gotten here burned everything to the ground. Damn fools. My boy. What the fuck would I do. No. There had to be a way. I would go back to the city. I would find a way. There had to be a scientist I could find to recreate CP-98. My boy still had a supply for the a few more weeks.

I felt Jason’s hand on my shoulder. “Cyrus?”

I shook my head. “I ain’t giving up. I’ll never give up.”

“There’s tire tracks. We need to follow them. To catch up with the fuckers. This ain’t over. Oh. Hello.” Jason said in a sudden distracted voice.

My element came awake.

I blinked. My eyes felt on fire. Shit. This reminded of a another time this first happened. She was here. I looked around and saw her. Standing a bit off. She was dressed in black jeans with a leather jacket on and a white shirt on. Her black hair was braided down her back. She looked the same when I met her in the pin when I was at my lowest. She had come and kissed my head and whispered my son’s name nothing more. It was enough.

“Hey. I got a gift for you.”

I shook my head. “I haven’t earned it. I just need to catch up with them. Can you slow em down?

Lightning baby nodded and pointed to the west. A lightning storm started gathering in a area. “Don’t easy on em kiddo. I don’t know who they are but they don’t belong here and their fucking with your son’s life. You got two days to get it down before your ex catches up with you. Do your best.” She said.

“Let’s go.” Jason said running to the truck.

I nodded to her. “Thank you.” I said running to the car.

Lightning baby smiled. “He’s waiting for you. Don’t lose hope.”

My chest hurt but I nodded to her jumping in the truck.

Warm regards


Alien Bandits invade the HeavyMetal Dragon’s realm Chaper 4 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


I knelt down on the ground gathering the black dust in my hand. I looked around at the burning buildings of the farm that produced CP-98. I cast my gaze around and saw what happened two hours ago.

A rip in the realms had been breached by a weapon from another realm a cold realm. Invaders came burned everything stealing the supply of CP-98 and food stuff before racing away to the west. I glanced up at Ice my elder brother. He sat on his thrown frowning.

They came from a cold realm. Is that Air’s realm or someone else new?

Ice shook his head. “I don’t know. You should leave for a bit.”

I shook my head. “We have to know who sent them. We have to find out where they came from and find out why they took the CP-98. Who else is here we can’t see or sense?”

Ice leaned back on his throne and nodded. “If we find out will you track them back to the source?”

I frowned at him. “I am Cyberpunk. Someone has invaded my realm. Someone is challenging my authority. I will fight to protect what is mean.”

Ice relaxed and nodded. “Stay hidden and let it play out and don’t move until you’re ready to begin the hunt.”

Warm regards


Shit just got real! Let’s go! Chapter 1 PUNCH! A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


I knocked on Wolf’s backstage door. The door opened and Cyrus looked at me and Swan before he stepped aside to let us inside.

We walked inside and he closed the door. He looked at Swan. “Is Goldy okay?”

Swan frowned and then blinked. “No. No. It’s about your boy.”

Cyrus frowned. “What’s going on?”

I handed him my detapad and brought up a freeze frame video of his son Jon in a closed in space with a wolf 🐺 T-shirt.

Cyrus hit play.

“Don’t lose the fight. Mom isn’t going to do the deal. She and her boyfriend are planning on taking the CP-98 shipment and selling it themselves. You have to get to the shipment first or she’ll hold-off selling it to the dregs in the summer at a higher cost. Don’t lose. You can’t lose.”

The video stopped and Cyrus looked up at me. “What the hell is this? Why is my son sending messages to you?”

I stared at him. “Goldy runs your fan club site. Your son sent a message to her asking her to get you the video because his mother was screening his detapad for messages to you. Listen we need to move. Can you cancel this fight so we can get on the road to head off those fuckers before they get the shipment?”

Cyrus shook his head looking down at his son’s face. “I have to fight or my coach will be a sued and my word broken. I’ll have to end this fight fast and head out fast to do the run myself. I can’t believe she got him into this shit. He’s twelve years old. Damn her.”

I shook my head. “Your not doing it alone. I’m your driver. Swan will be our defender and you’ll be my wing man. I also have another man already on the way to help us out on the road.”

Cyrus stared at me. “Who are you?”

I held out my hand. “I’m Jason Warrior Goldy’s Daddy and your driver that’s all you need to know.”

Cyrus took my hand and nodded. “If your Goldy’s family that’s good enough for me. Now excuse me. I have a fight to win.” He said.

I watched the change come over him then as his eyes lit with the lightning baby’s gift and a ghost of a smile formed on his lips that reminded me of his name sake. Cy. The heavy metal dragon.. Now, I could see why she had elected him to join our pack but he still had to be tested to see if he was a true warrior with the spirit of a Nomad in this young corpo.

Warm regards


P. S.

Time to turn this shit up to 11!

Chasing an idea just because (writing craft)

This might be a writer or a creative artist thing. The need to craft out into reality a crazy idea just to see where it goes.

Whatever it is I get an idea and it sticks with me. It’s not even a story out right It’s an idea of what could be a story and I want to know where the hell it will go.

Example for today. Guy must kill dragon with a shovel.

Add on to idea. Guy must kill dragon man or girl friend will die.

Add on to idea. Guy Lenxion needs to kill Arnard Drake a dragon/man so his girlfriend won’t have to pay a debt to him. His problem is he only has a shovel and the oracle said he must kill dragon man with it.

Add on to idea. Guy Lenxion must save his girlfriend in the next forty-eight hours or she will marry dragon man. He goes to magic shop with only a few coins. There is one item up for sale. An old magic shovel that is upgradeable and able to kill dragon men. If one can find the right oracle to power it up for the right price.

And so on…

The idea is silly but it’s a fun exercise for me sense my main book writing project has gone to shit for the moment.

Warm, Regards


Crafting an Antagonist but not a villian. (Writing craft) (comedy)

I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. I’ve failed often times to craft a truely great antagonist in writing who you could understand and not outright get the feeling this fucker is insane.

But, it came to me as I was watching some bullshit video on some nameless bullshit site. The dude was an asshole that was trying to get with some sluppy looking bitch for some romantic bullshit reason because he fell in love with her mind but he was being a sneaky asshole about faking it with innocent old beta bitch is not trying to hit it act.

Holy shit!

I was bored and I was in a low energy level or some bullshit.

The video did give me a thought about the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. I haven’t read the book yet but I know and you know the story.

Some asshole Mr. Nice guy scientist keeps drinking a magic potion that turns him into a asshole without the nice guy face.

I wanted to flip that shit a bit. What if the antagonist is a smart dude with simple motivations. Human shit. A 5’5 shorty and a shiny new 2021 mustang.

The story. Main character Cindy Shorty ain’t feeling antagonist Bill Bastard and the bitch thinks of him as her personal beta bitch simp. So does he hatch a plan to woe her with a new mustang and muscles?

Fuck no my dude. He crafts a plan to go after her hotter younger sister Betty Shorty, my dude. Hard. He gets the car on lease and goes after Betty like a stone cold player. Charming, funny and big dick energy and all.

Cindy doesn’t like the shit. Because she’s a jealous bitch. She tries to stop the shit because Bill says he’s not really into Betty but he’ll marry her and dump her if it don’t work out.

Cindy is openly furious at Bill but her panties are going up in flames for Bill my dude. She’s smelling some big dick energy.

Cindy goes nuts. She is slutting it up and going after Bill hard trying to get him to stop dating her sister. Bill is playing it cool and denying the bitch.

Cindy then goes super crazy and seduces Bill into bed and gets pregnant. She tells Betty about Bill seducing her and playing Betty for Cindy’s affection and all that bullshit. Betty buys it.

Cindy is pregnant so she uses this as a opportunity to force Bill to marry her. At the wedding day Cindy’s brother Jack gives Bill a check for five grand.

Cindy asks about the check. Bill looks at her and says. “I made him a bet that you would force me to marry you in under a year. I needed it to pay off the lease on my car.” He said.

Cindy acts all offened but she’s sniffing his scent my dude. Big dick energy is making this bitch looking for a back room and a table for Bill to put her on. She goes to Betty and talks to her about it. Betty smiles and doesn’t look surprised at all. She looks like she knew the whole damn time.

Now Cindy is the main character. Bill is the antagonist. Bill is an asshole but damn if you can’t respect his game.

Damn this was a long one…

Warm, Regards


Day 3 of the shit storm in Texas still no power, still fuck the government

Two days.

Some people get power on and off occasionally and I get dick all at my humble little a bode but a fucking bill from my electrical provider from a day the shit went down for two days straight.

The snow isn’t my problem. It’s the coporations and the fucking government of Texas. That and my feet feel like logs and I’ve been in a shit test for two days straight not of my own making.

Holy shit.

The comedy of it all. I can’t even go to the library because nobody is willing to come show up. No matter how bad it is now I know it’ll get better in a few days more. I just have to get through this shit.

Hopely, when the shit storm is done by Monday they’ll get the damn power back up again. I never wanted to go back to work so strongly in my life.

Warm Regards,


Reverse engineering World building (writing craft)

I’m working on my current book and I’m finding out that it is very different from the world I originally thought it was.

The genre of the series started out in the real world with Urban Romance and classic western values. Trouble is it’s been more then five years sense I started writing in the world and I have of course changed as has the vision of the world with the introduction of new characters that do not fit in the real world.

It’s new for me. This discovery that the world’s history is counter to what I thought. I like it.

I have an idea of what type of world it is because I’ve explored thoughts of a time shift of events that happened in the civil rights era. Though to be honest the conversations, characters and ideas of family are fantastic to see being played out.

Though I’m getting ideas of how major the change is.

Once the charecters were established in the first book I don’t try to change their motives or guide them I just let them tell the story by their reactions to what gets thrown at them.

This book or series is really fun to write. I started writing seriously when I was twelve but right now it’s finally paying off. I’m writing something that is not only entertaining to me I’m writing about characters that feel real. It hasn’t been easy to get to this point but right now…..

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards,


The enternal struggle of the Sigma and gamma gamma mother fucking bitch

The example…

Two boys are best friends in their youth. One charming and outgoing we’ll call him G.  The other introverted and book smart will call him Ice.

G gets into serious shit when they’re young that may jepredice his future by crashing his bike into a convient store. He puts the blame on Ice. G is free from punishment of his crime. Goes to law school becomes a prosecutor and then moves on to becoming a high price rich defense attorney.

Ice future takes a nose dive for a bit but with hard work and grinding he goes to law school. He graduates and becomes a rookie prosecutor.

G meets Ice again and pretends he didn’t do him dirty in the past. G even jokes about the past and compliments Ice on his current position. Ice ain’t having that shit he gets freezes him out and keeps a wide distance from G. He knows G. He has to deal with him in regards to the law but he knows G is a mother fucking train wreck waitint to crash into somebody.

Eventually G’s shit from the past as a dirty prosecutor comes back to haunt him. To many cases of evidence miss handled and innocent people gone to jail. G’s day had come.

Ice is on one side of the table and G on the other side.

G bitches about him being unlocky and Ice just got lucky in catching him.

Ice let’s him bullshit and moan and then gives G the truth.

“Your not un lucky. Your just a bad person. All your fucking life you’ve ran like a bitch from responsibilities and owning up to your shit and now pay day has come up and you ain’t got no bullshit cards to play. Your not unlucky. Your just a bitch ass gamma whose finally getting what you deserve.”

You see G was bullshit artist a true master of self delusional and lying. It was just a matter of time. His secret fucks up would come to light.

Warm Regards,


Stephen King is a crazy son of bitch but knows his shit about writing. (Book nerd shit) On writing a memoir of the craft

Holy shit.

Now for starters I didn’t really read his books before I read his on writing book. I saw his movies and knew of him but I didn’t know him or at least an idea of how crazy this fucker is.

I read his book long long long time ago. One of the few books I had on writing at the time that my mother gave me and I had asked for.

Holy shit.

Anyway, just getting the book and reading was an experience. I had never read anything like it before. The book is mostly Flashpoint memories of his childhood into the moments he became a writer onward to his first stories. The second half being when he gets around to explaining the on writing stuff or the tool box of writing.

Holy shit. That shit was a shocker. It was a fun house theater for the mind. The weirdest shit my dude. It did teach me a lesson I had buried in the back of my head.

You got to have thick skin as a writer and it’s always good to have a side gig on side to pay the bills while your working on your craft.

That son of a bitch laid it all out. His drunkenness and his idiotic moments and the moments when brilliance meets you on the street when your out wandering and flashes you her tits.

The tool box section from the edition I read was basicly a short list of books to read and minor advice. I read the books. One of them I found was the real book on writing every writer should read.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.

Just get that book and you can skip his book entirely if you wish. Elements of Style is the shit. It’s straightforward and a easy how to guide if you don’t already know the dos and what the fuck?

My advice. For whatever the hell it’s worth to you.

There is nothing new. But your voice is unique to you. You have to have a personality. You have to have an edge and drive to push on past rejection and find some enemy to fight against and believe in yourself but be realistic at the same time. You got to eat.

True geniuses of writing are few. For the rest of us it takes time and consent practice and reading.

But you really have to enjoy writing. Enjoy reading. Enjoy words. Enjoy the learning of the craft and respect the ones that have come before you.

I got respect for King for teaching me that bit and leading me to books that deleveloped me as a writer.

One last note. Cut the bullshit out of your shit. Be honest and edit the shit down or cut out shit you’ve said more then once in your piece.

Warm Regards,


The charecter that is the story…(on writing shit) and (book nerd shit)

One of my favorite new generation of writers dropped this quote to me from some old G.

“Create a strong character and a story will build itself around the character.”

I thought on that shit more then a minute and then gave up the pursuit. Then one evening or some time in between work and daylight dreaming I saw a man wake up in a open grave on witching hour. I heard his thoughts as I wrote them down.

– Fucking hell. Images of two dark harpies standing over me flashed in my mind. To that moment to that hour. My life ended under the full glow of mother moon’s smile.

This was it. My death. My own blood and shame pooled around me in the dirt. In the shit. On a night of my wedding anniversary when mother moons tears covered my face. Power drained from me. The call of the moon did not lend itself to my soul. I felt real rain hit my face and I realized with shock and dismay. I was still alive. I opened my eyes to hell. –

The story? No my dude. The story doesn’t matter. I didn’t create a story. I wondered into the life moments of a character that was telling me a moment or time in his current story. The world? Fuck all I know. I learn about that shit as he teaches me through his encounters with the locals.

It’s his world. The mystery is who he is. The mystery is why is he telling me this shit. The mystery is what kind of man is he. What lessons can he teach.

Think about that. Those kind of stories fuck with me but I find myself drawn into the world deeply with a real character whose thoughts and actions aren’t so simple or motives so easy to understand even to himself at times. That’s what I love about books and writing.

Warm Regards,