The Pursuit of the BAG! (Money, Money, Money)

What the fuck is the bag and why the fuck do I need to pursue it? Welcome to earth sense you’ve arrived on earth let me give you the game. You’re either the fucking boss or your fucking trading your fucking time in exchange for a check, money or I.E. the money bag.

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No matter what the fuck anybody tells you. It’s all about getting the bag. Mother fuck’ ah it’s all about the bag. People will fool you. They tell you some bullshit about race, politics or any other social Big Mac issues of the day it’s all about putting yourself in the position to go after the bag.

Why pursue the bag?

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Freedom. Do you know what the fuck that is really? It isn’t just the right to say what you want to say or do what you want to do. It’s the ability to leverage your skills, knowledge and position yourself to not give a fuck if the fucking government takes all your money out the fucking government and leaves you with empty bag and a street to sleep on.

The pursuit of the bag is the pursuit of the freedom to not be beholden to the system that change up the value of money on you and make the money in your bank account less the shit that a politician’s promise of wealth equality for the poor and rich.

Fuck that shit. Get that shit. Own that shit. Rule that shit.

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POWER! Look my dude. You can settle for the shit the government gives you, society gives you or whatever bullshit your born into. The solution is simple for me. I’m in the pursuit of the bag because in the pursuit for my freedom and power. I’m a mother fucking western man born in the West, raised in the West and I have natural distrust of the government or the fucking FED. Fuck um.

Nobody is coming to save my black ass. There ain’t no fucking super heros my dude. You want someone to look out for your interests look in the fucking mirror and align yourself with people that move like you do. Anybody that says otherwise. So fuck um. I’m getting that shit. I’m going to fucking win in this fucking game called life. Fuck anybody that gets in my way. Please get in my way so I run you the fuck over while I get to the position I want to be in. I ain’t apologizing for nothing. That’s the attitude I have lastly. It’s the pursuit of the bag. It’s the pursuit to win in the game of LIFE.

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Winning. It’s about winning my dude.

Hey I ain’t guarantied shit. I might not get to level 200k in experiences points but by the end of this shit I ain’t going to be level 2. I already advanced past that shit when I was twenty-eight. Mother Fucker I survived COVID MASK WARS. The governmental psyops. Make moves to get to the top. Don’t wait for somebody to come help you out. Fuck that shit. Get your balls up and help your own damn self.

I’m going to pursue the bag. I’m going to win.

Warm Regards


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