TOP 2 MONEY MAKING side hustles

Everybody wants the bag. The pursuit of gaining control of your life by controlling how much money you can make and when you can advance yourself. Now more then ever it’s easy to get your hand on the means of your economic freedom from the bullshit of being held back by a pay limit.

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  1. Driving/Deliveries/Uber. If you have a driver’s license you have the first key to getting pay while sitting on your ass for several hours to doing a half a day of work and getting paid. I am not even talking about a CDL my dude. You can get that bag easy with license to get behind a wheel and make money at your pace and your own damn time.
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2. YouTube/Twitch/etc. Mother fuck’ah you can get your bag clipping other people’s shit up and doing reviews of other YouTuber’s shit and still get the money easy. All it takes is for you to copy grind out content that is popular and fuckers will watch that shit over and over again and again. It’s a learning game BUT if your a chick with some great tits and half way good by. Put on a low cut T-shirt, set that camera down to level talk about video games and how great men are. Hell if you can play the piano in a T-shirt and no pants you’ll be feeling money bags falling down on you.

FACTS: All facts my dude.

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