I’ve been flying blind for a few days without my glasses…I have thoughts.

I wear glasses. So do most nerds and dumbass wizards with PHds’ in Persuasion and communication.

Though I’m a Bard by nature and practice. I try to find the comedy and weirdness to strange and uncomfortable times. Long boring story short. I broke my main pair of spectacles and my backup pair I lost on the roads to the fuck I know where.

I got two pair of glasses on the way the eye doctor had to order out a special made pair because my vision is well fucked. I’m a blind mother fucker but without a cane but for now and the past couple of days I’ve been well..flying blind. When I say blind. I mean things are clear two inches from my face and then I got to make my way through a blurry world of solid shapes.

The weirdness. It’s not that bad because I realized most days I don’t really see where I’m going. There’s just a pattern I follow.

You know the shit. We all have routines to work and from work and at home. You reach for a glass without looking to see if it’s there. You walk over shit your brain knows is there because it was there for the last two months. You deal with changes as best you can but for the most part the patterns of today will be the patterns of tomorrow.

It made me think about how much routine goes into a day that comes to one point you depend on the routine and your mind just adjusts to minor changes on the fly.

Even more weirdness. Changes happen. Things get in my way the fucking road is forever under construction but even all this just becomes a part of the pattern of adjustments and fixing my mind on the goals to achieve instead of not being able to fucking see, drive or recognize another person’s face.

It’s difficult and yet I can adjust. I’ve had moments when I had to all of my life adjust and dance through and past shit atound me to think about something else.

Warm Regards


P.S. I’ve been blogging from my phone two inches from my face my dude that requires dedication.


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