Hmm. Zelinsky is sounding like a grand Master Pimp cocain King and the overlords of America love him.

I have no fucking idea why the hellmouth news allows Tucker Carlson saying the ruth about everybody bullshiting about the Ukraine situation on TV. Other then the fact nobody with power gives a damn and nobody without will power gives a damn what the truth is.

It’s amazing. I thank Jesus Christ for that these assholes that defend and cheer and kiss King Zelinsky’s ass about his Supreme allowed dominace of Ukraine are all on record. U. S. Pimps and hoes love this and love mind fucking the public with their sexaul perverted fantasies of reality.

Once again. This shit has nothing to do with me or any sane American but NWO leaders here in America care. They care very deeply. Why? Because gangsters in the same gang respect each other as valuable members.

This shit. This fucking shit. You have U.S. political leaders cheering for a dictator they support and love. Then turning around throwing Shade on mother Russia for being a dictatorship. Pimp cocain democrats and stable of GOP hoes.

None of this surprises me. I am still weirded out when I hear average day normies think all the bullcrap is real. Good guys vs bad guys bullshit.

All of it is the pimping game. I ain’t a John though waiting to get tricked out. I’m a cheap mother fucker. Paying to have my mind fucked along with my check is not my idea of a fun time.

This is fucking clown world, my dude.

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Warm regards



Be thankful…..

Not all survived the trials, heartache of 2020 blues and Covid blows.

My mind was a consistent battle ground of the political kind and of the internal conflicts within. I walked each day with a hope.

If I can get through this year then I can out last the pain for twenty more years. Then 2021 winter’s blows came and I laughed and decided. Fuck it. I’ll live for today and every day be watchful and thankful for what I have and what I have accomplished.

Be thankful is my advice right now for what you have. For the battles you’ve survived and won.

If you so inclined or are one of the hopeful people of the steadfast kind.

Be thankful to the Lord that you will at last the shit and smile even when it’s hail storm of trouble around you.

Warm Regards


6 days until sweet November’s Kiss.

What have I accomplished?

What goals have I achieved what is left to dream and accomplish?

My book project for the year is coming along now. I’m hopeful for a completed draft.

By November’s Kiss however. It will be a busy month. So much to do. I have a novel to start and more stories yet to publish.

I have to achieve some rang of distance in my over all goals between now and my 40th.

Afterwards I’m going to keep forming bigger goals.

I don’t have a mind to stop dreaming or wanting to be on a course of progressive excellence.

Warm Regards,


Lil Nas X is Pregnant with a serious case of shit.

It creeps under the surface. You see the hint of it behind the masks of money and the pursuit of power.

Their fucked. Their all fucked by the creeping demon. The snake from before. The madness within.

It is the under control able un satisfied desire to turn beauty in to filth.

Nothing is safe. No innocence can exist for them. They are the buttom feeders. They are the children of the lie. They are the children who must burn away truth and feminine grace and the glow of natures truth.

There is no end to their madness. There is no end to their endless pursuit of the nothing…..

In English…

The shit made want to vomit. Damn it. Damn it all to hell and back but thank God….the shit still makes me sick.

Warm Regards,


Childhood dreams haunting me…

Not in a nightmare before Christmas sort of a way. It’s a movie and a once lost dream of mean…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in pass or not but before I wanted to a writer. I wanted to be a transporter or to be more on the square…

I wanted a neo cowboy.

Now. There are dudes that still do the herding cattle or horses from one land mass to another or in trailers but neo cowboy’s haul shit from one state to the next in trucks and make decent money doing so even to these times that have gone to the doggs.

I know modern cowboys are called truckers obviously but in my head I think of truckers as cowboys because of one movie..

Smokey and the Bandit.

I saw that movie to many times as a kid on TBS and then the unedited version on HBO. I love the fuck out of the movie.

The fun, the travel and the sense of adventure getting a job done on time or to the best of your ability. The commitment is real. The adventure of not knowing what is down that road your traveling is what life is all about. The not knowing but the determination to keeping trucking.

That song in general at the beginning of the movie is my jam. Perfect intro. I can remember when I got older reminding that shit back again again on VHS and then digital and now on YouTube currently just to memorize lyrics and feel of that song.

On hard days, I find myself singing that song. It isn’t a nostalgia shit moment for me. It’s more of a moment….no. It’s nostalgia to me and wishful thinking on being on the road and traveling on a mission and having a little fun along the way.

Warm Regards,


The uncovered LIE that started the MGTOW movement and is believed today.

History is writen and rewritten by bullshiters and losers.

I find this more truer then when I first discovered it not to long ago.

I used to believe in the lie. I used to think the lie was at the core of marriage and such and corner stone of relationships. I don’t any longer of course.

It was feed to me in movies and modern bullshit books of today but..the truth is so much more similar.

I really do believe this is a dangerous lie and one of the core things wrong with the west today.


You never know how dangerously stupid something is until you put it up face to face with the real tangible and objective truth.

Romantic love is bullshit. This goes without question. I say it often enough but I never realized how dangerously stupid the mere concept of it is until I heard a married female from the east try to grapple with the concept of romantic love. What love is for her is the concept her husband putting food on the fucking table and providing a roof over her head.

Real talk. I was watching again a podcast in which the question posed now that I think about is the stupidest notion in the world.

Should a marriage be based on romantic love?!

You have two western females on the panel and three western men and one eastern female who has a blank look on her face as if the question was about should one eat mood or shit if day old cheese wasn’t available?

One female was vaguely awhere about the bullshit behind the question but ignored it and said yes, from her view point. Romantic bullshit love was an important element in marriage.

One BLACK christian dude tried to pull some scripture and love and basketball feel to the shit. Out of pocket and still trying to justify a fucking feel that passes every once in while like a fart in the wind as valid.

A married traditional dude that distribes himself as Benevolent Dictator says correctly marriage is a business. It isn’t about romantic bullshit at all.

The eastern married female raises her hand when they’ve all gone quiet and says.

“I-ah. Could you ah give me an example of what romantic love is? I ah kinda can’t understand what your saying. It seems like a feeling and ah when I got married to my husband it wasn’t based on any of that.” She said.

Translation: The fuck?! Please explain.

Now…a moment of silence follows as westerners are trying to think on how to explain romantic bullshit as a real concept. The one married man ain’t saying shit. His head is down and his hands are covering his face for some reason.

A black power princess takes on the challenge. I’m going to summarize her bullshit. She’s a middle of the road fence sitting bullshiter.

“Yeah. Well. Like it is a feeling. And it’s important feeling to be the basis for a marriage. Like. It’s important and it’s literally very important as ah reason to be married. You can’t have a marriage without….however I can equally agree that for other cultures that like ah don’t have that framework then like ah a arranged marriage can be correct for that culture as well…like ah. Yeah. Both are equally good. Neither one is better then the other.”

My fucking brain hurt writing this summary but holy balls. Just hearing black power princess try to make romantic bullshit sound legit was laughable as it was slightly annoying.

Romantic bullshit is dangerously stupid shit my dude. What beta bitch gamma invented this shit? What blue haired sea beast thought this shit was….logical?!

But, this is the bullshit I grew up inductionated on and it wasn’t even the reason my black power princess mother married my Daddy.

The fuck?! This romantic bullshit lie lasted for what…nearly a century in the west?!

Late 1900s to now. A lot of western people still believe this shit. But, not for long. The timer is running out on the Empire and great romantic bullshit lie.

Warm Regards,


The dialog in The Luminaries is addictive

I’m dipping into the Luminaries again today. I’m still on the beginning section of the book.

Okay. The thing that made me want to read this book is because of how weird and interesting it sounded in a review I saw.

But, one thing that I remembered as I was reading was the mention of how much of a page turner it is.

Honest and true. It is. I find myself comfortably engaged in the story, the plot and in the moments of reading and having my imagination of the scenes going on in my head.

The narrator that is telling you the story is a character as well.

It gives me that Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy feel type of narrative voice. Not British humor narrative but that close and personal feel of third person in that room sharing events of what’s happening in the room.

I really dig it. I could rock with this book for more then a couple months.

Warm Regards,


Bullshit vs stop the Cap

I don’t know if I can let go of the word bullshit. It’s my favorite funny nonesense word. But it’s out of style now a days.

Stop the Cap. Or caping is the new thing.

How though?

What’s more funnier then calling a dude a lying bullshiter and my favorite…

Female bullshit.

I got to get with the times. I got to stop the Cap and realize it’s all Capping.

Stop the cap….

Na’aw son fuck that bullshit.

Warm Regards,


You must trust a person of authority because reasons?!

Real talk. I’m pondering this shit. It don’t make not a damn bit a sense.

The four dumbasses of atheism accomplished a monterous undertaking. They did they’re damn hardest to move the subject of a god as an authority out of the public sphere….well not really but for the sake of this weird post let’s say they did…

Instead of God/religious authorities and politicians and smart dumbasses with degrees….we have…

People blindly trusting politicians and  a fucking dude/alien/them/! in a lab jacket all telling you to trust them as the authority over your life and believe not only what they show you on TV but that they are so noble and real about protecting the world from the orange man because reasons?!

How the fuck? What the fuck?

How the fuck did we get here? I mean. I thought the whole goal was to get people to think for themselves and be individuals that weigh shit by logic and facts…

We don’t have that. Real talk. People went from believing God to believing a dude in a lab jacket they don’t know if he is a murder, thief, con man or whatever. They just believe him because the overlords in charge put him front of a camera and he sounds like a smart dumbass.

I’m down for thinking and not doing something simply because the group does it.

Example alot of people with assumed authority say some shit about Stefan Molyneux. A lot of negative shit you can google and first page of information you get is a lie because to really find out about a dude you have to objectively listen to his thoughts and opinions to understand him and not imprint your understanding on him.

Stefan Molyneux was truly puzzled by this shit in one video I watched a couple weeks back.

He was deeply troubled that his ten years of trying to put logic and reason as an authority people would look to instead of religion, The Bible or religious authorities. He realized shockingly he failed.

He failed in a big way. People are now looking to political forces like pimp cocain democrats and stable of hoe conservatives and little gods in black and white robes as authorities in their lives.

People don’t use logic or reason as an authority. They repeat back the logical or so called thoughts they’re told and repeated back in talking points. It never comes to their mind that dude in a lab jacket with medical degree might be paid by some dude with money to fuck with the numbers or his rich daddy might have paid the school to gift his son a degree.

I’m saying believe me. I’m just regular man. I’m question the reason your being told something when…you didn’t even ask a fucking question yet

Now….why did this happen? The fuck I know. I got guesses that we’re in a surplus of dumbass that logic and reason can’t beat that cocain Democrat magic and conservative hoe snow jobs on Americans.

One thing is clear…Fahrenheit 451….

Predicted all this shit.

Warm Regards


Chill morning in June…

I woke up today with thoughts of money and higher return gains income strategies…

A common theme to my days in the lower middle realm. Then I walked outside my door and felt a surprising chill. Not the kind to cause me to grab a jacket to combat the change of the day but to give me pause.

I reflect on the day. The present. I turn my mind to the future. To concerns I need to be prepared for. No. My thoughts paused. I took in how good it felt. After long burdensome days of heat and air that tasted of hell and city heat.

It feels good today. It just feels good to enjoy the day. To enjoy living in the moment.

Warm Regards