I truly do believe in magic. It is the power to control the realty in a dude’s mind…so it’s evil shit by default.

I am for most part a realist. When I see something for it is or come to a logical conclusion about the subject I can’t un-see it from being what it is. Notwithstanding this thought I always question even my perceptive occasionally.

Why? Fuck I know. It’s how my mind works and I’ve had some experiences that have left a attitude in my mind about reality.

Hypnosis. The art of Persuasion.  Rhetorical political speech. Magick.

Whatever you want to call it. I don’t trust it and I think on some level it is a dangerous evil Magick of the ancient times that I wish had died out.

A word on the rhetorical. I use it on occasion for rhythm and to discribe things I personally hate “Jackels. Mind fucked” or people I generally love ” Puerto rican Cassinovas & shit kicking cowboys” I am a Bard. This is just how I think but I know the danger of that shit. Though this is a small blog. This blog is for entertaining you and giving you room to breath and think without fucking with your mind.

Real talk. I didn’t believe in hypnosis until a hypnotist showed me what it really was and I realized again… Fahrenheit 451 was where I heard this kind of shit before.

This is the key to hypnosis. You have to agree. You have to comply. You have to give your mind to the other person to think for you and control what you believe or what is reality.

That shit fucks with me because I can honestly say I’ve been under hypnosis more then a few times in my life though it isn’t natural to how I am. It’s why I say question what your told. Hypnosis doesn’t work when you question it. When you resist someone commanding you to sit and listen.

I really hate the shit because it is magick. No joke. It is the ability to fuck with people’s minds and how people view reality and themselves.

Warm Regards



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