Alright let’s talk about what a racist is? Their not what you think. It’s way more funnier.

Now let’s defend terms. In the guardiandogg fashion of course.


(Personal Noun.)

A mother fucker that thinks you ain’t human. No real reason why they think this. It’s like a child’s belief in the easter bunny or Crept Keeper Joe being a President. He or she is a retarded human being who can’t tell you the name of the galaxy we’re in or what fucking century we’re in.

I am not talking about anyone austic, mentally challenged or has an IQ of a ten year old in a 40 year old body. These fuckers are fucking nut balls and rare.

Now with that out of the way. I’ve always had a thing for blades, swords, knives and 1911s. Why? I am an American Highlander I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets.

Anyway, I was a young lad with my mother and we were out shopping at the black market underground. There were many items out for sale. But, a table of knives and swords caught my eye. I was twelve or eleven at the time. A blond lady in sun glasses and leather jacket and jeans sat at the table smoking a cig and looking angry. I asked the lady about the knives.

The bitch ignores me like I ain’t talking to her. I turned to my mother and she just as confuses but looks funny. I turned back and wave my fucking hand in her face. I don’t know. Maybe she can’t see me or she’s blind. The bitch sits there like I don’t exist or ain’t there.

My mother grabs my arm and drags me away looking pissed. She knows what’s up but doesn’t tell me shit. I figure it out though.

She was a fucking retarded human otherwise known as a true racist. Every time I’ve encountered a real one they all have this quielty of brain dead retarded human shit for brain mindset. These fuckers can’t function in western society even as pussfied as we are now.

They really do believe that bullshit eugenics shit. They really do believe in that white people are humans and Black Rambos are a 3 5th tax bracket shit. They really do believe that their all just a bunch of violent monkeys shit.

Come on my dude. Fucking magick spells and brainwashing. Fucking wizards in dresses trying to justify making money off a tribe of people. Yesterday it was Negro Slave today it’s African American pimp cocain democrat. The shit show goes on.

Now my skin folk like to call any shit kicker or white person racist just because the fucker don’t like em or fucker call them some bullshit to spark an emotional violent female response. That’s how they roll to each his own bullshit.

This is my perceptive….

The thing is any dude that acknowledges you exist or even can sit down and talk with you like your human…well I don’t see that person as a racist. They just don’t like me. Worse he or she is some stranger saying some shit about me.

Let’s keep it one hundred would you give a fuck either if they were cursing you on the street as you were walking to work. Wouldn’t you think they were some random crazy or drunken hobo?

So a dude doesn’t like me? I can accept that. I can respect a dude that isn’t a beta bitch simp and man’s up and tells me he doesn’t like me. Fuck em. I don’t give a fuck about what some fucking dude thinks about me. Let alone a whole bunch of fuckers think about me. I got to many other people I rock with that like me just fine.

Warm Regards



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