Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 8

Uncharted mix

Chapter 7


I crept into the first room. The first guard, yellow Orc with a sword and shield appeared in the middle of the room and lounged his sword at my chest.

Time slowed down as I side stepped and thrust my spear into his chest six times before he puffed out of existence and then the room brought up another program for five more Orcs around me.

I went on the attack leaping at enemy then another. I was geared up for straight win before I took stab to my right shoulder.

I didn’t feel any pain but it counted as a hit for the computer. I took my last opponent down rolling to the side and stabing his head.

The door to right opened and I began the advance….

An hour later and several hit points lost I managed to make it to the last room. The treasure the door opened when my last enemy died.

I didn’t trust it. My nightvision goggles went out power. I took them off and room was a deep void of black.

I started tapping the floor with my spear as I approached the exit. My spear hit nothing at a space between the exit and me. I took a feet back and then took off into a run. One last Orc appeared and attacked.

I leaped over his head using his shoulders to somersault roll in the air and dive past the exit.

I landed on my side in the treasure room. Andy and the chief were there eating wild fruits and nuts at my table. I nodded to them and went looking for the tri scroll in the library.

I noticed the book of Historia Legends was open on the reading stand. I glanced at the page seeing it open to the Arabian legend tales as I passed.

I quickly found the scoll on the bottom shelf in a bid with the useless ones. It glowed gold but that was the only interesting thing it did.

I walked out for scoll section. A hat was thrown at me. I caught it and put it on without thinking. I nodded to them before I headed for the secret way out.

“Hero’s Ghost? Won’t you need your clothes?” Andy asked.

I stopped and cursed turning around to see the clothes bag on the table to. I walked over toward it dropping the scoll on the floor.

I started dressing quickly while Andy and Chief watched me. I frowned at them. “What?”

“You should check the book before you leave.” The Chief said.

“I know the story. Hero’s Ghost told it to me a million times when I was kid.” I said.

The Chief stared at me. “Then you should know Historia Legends always meet occasionally.”

I frowned at his words but went over to the book once I was dressed and started leafing through the tales. I knew them all by heart. It was my education handed down to me from father to son for two hundred years sense my legend began. My eyes landed on one legend. It had an artist rendering of him and his female. I stared at him. I knew him.

“Did Leo really Blackmail you about taking over the lost forest?” I asked Chief.

“Why would you say that?”

“The lost forest is the domain of the Hero’s Ghost if I recall correctly. My father said that repeatly before he died I walked out of the temple with his hat on as the Hero’s Ghost.”

“In part it was the truth but there was something else he had on me or you rather. I had to protect.”

“I saw a man kill Leo in front of me.” I said going over it in my head.

“Did you?” Andy asked. “Are you sure? Was it real or like how we make Orcs appear in a room with the computer Hero’s Ghost made for your training?”

“Damn it. Get the men ready. I’m tired of these games. I was promised my female. I will not be cheated a second time.” I said.

Warm Regards,



Why does marriage have to have any foundation on romantic bullshit?

Real talk. I’m thinking about this shit today because I’m watching a Japanese drama/comedy online about a couple that marries for practical economical reasons and then fall into romantic bullshit with each other.


I’ve written about this shit before but the question remains swimming in my head and comes up for air occasionally. Why does marriage have to have any foundation on romantic bullshit.

As a dude myself. I value mutual respect and corporation in my relationships. Whether friendships or family. Respect being the highest value.

I had ideas about romantic bullshit being an important foundation when I was very young until I read different opinions from Christian and atheist MGTOW men on the subject.

Christian males in general that hold to a patriarchal system say romantic bullshit is well…bullshit. You do not base a marriage on it or entirely on finding a mate to raise children that hold to your system of beliefs and traditions. The female you choose must be feminine in every classical way and without question willingly submissive and centered on respecting the man they chose to create a family with.

MGTOW Atheist from my opinion don’t believe in marriage or creating families in general because the western social and governmental systems have currupted the contract of marriage and made it a stupid investment. They are right. However, those that do subscribe to family creating should only be invested in with prenup of course or a relationship built on a purpose and mutual respect and agreement between both parties.

I didn’t really hold to the shit until shit got real in my life and I discovered all those dudes were right in different ways on the subject.

Is there any long term value in romantic bullshit?

No. A man doesn’t need romantic bullshit and neither does a woman. Men and woman have one common value.


Everybody wants to be respected for what they add to a relationship.

That being said…respect is earned. Having tits or an expensive car doesn’t mean shit if you carry yourself in a disrespectful manner and behavior.

Warm Regards


Alright let’s talk about what a racist is? Their not what you think. It’s way more funnier.

Now let’s defend terms. In the guardiandogg fashion of course.


(Personal Noun.)

A mother fucker that thinks you ain’t human. No real reason why they think this. It’s like a child’s belief in the easter bunny or Crept Keeper Joe being a President. He or she is a retarded human being who can’t tell you the name of the galaxy we’re in or what fucking century we’re in.

I am not talking about anyone austic, mentally challenged or has an IQ of a ten year old in a 40 year old body. These fuckers are fucking nut balls and rare.

Now with that out of the way. I’ve always had a thing for blades, swords, knives and 1911s. Why? I am an American Highlander I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets.

Anyway, I was a young lad with my mother and we were out shopping at the black market underground. There were many items out for sale. But, a table of knives and swords caught my eye. I was twelve or eleven at the time. A blond lady in sun glasses and leather jacket and jeans sat at the table smoking a cig and looking angry. I asked the lady about the knives.

The bitch ignores me like I ain’t talking to her. I turned to my mother and she just as confuses but looks funny. I turned back and wave my fucking hand in her face. I don’t know. Maybe she can’t see me or she’s blind. The bitch sits there like I don’t exist or ain’t there.

My mother grabs my arm and drags me away looking pissed. She knows what’s up but doesn’t tell me shit. I figure it out though.

She was a fucking retarded human otherwise known as a true racist. Every time I’ve encountered a real one they all have this quielty of brain dead retarded human shit for brain mindset. These fuckers can’t function in western society even as pussfied as we are now.

They really do believe that bullshit eugenics shit. They really do believe in that white people are humans and Black Rambos are a 3 5th tax bracket shit. They really do believe that their all just a bunch of violent monkeys shit.

Come on my dude. Fucking magick spells and brainwashing. Fucking wizards in dresses trying to justify making money off a tribe of people. Yesterday it was Negro Slave today it’s African American pimp cocain democrat. The shit show goes on.

Now my skin folk like to call any shit kicker or white person racist just because the fucker don’t like em or fucker call them some bullshit to spark an emotional violent female response. That’s how they roll to each his own bullshit.

This is my perceptive….

The thing is any dude that acknowledges you exist or even can sit down and talk with you like your human…well I don’t see that person as a racist. They just don’t like me. Worse he or she is some stranger saying some shit about me.

Let’s keep it one hundred would you give a fuck either if they were cursing you on the street as you were walking to work. Wouldn’t you think they were some random crazy or drunken hobo?

So a dude doesn’t like me? I can accept that. I can respect a dude that isn’t a beta bitch simp and man’s up and tells me he doesn’t like me. Fuck em. I don’t give a fuck about what some fucking dude thinks about me. Let alone a whole bunch of fuckers think about me. I got to many other people I rock with that like me just fine.

Warm Regards


Why in the fuck is weird for a female want to mate to have children

Have you ever watched something on TV and thought Damn that’s weird. Then, months later or years even you think damn that was some serious mind fucked shit.

This was not so long ago.

I saw this clip on YouTube around the time Ronda Rousey got her ass handed to her in her last match in the UFC. She was on the Ellen Show.

My thoughts on Ellen Degeneres? There is no depth nor breath of a damn I could scale to reach a thought or a care about this bitch.

Anyway, Ronda was broken and talking about her feelings all that bullshit and mentioned in passing about the feeling or urge she got for her boyfriend at the time. “I looked at this dude and I thought damn I want to her his baby.”

Now, Ellen is a bush addicted rich bitch. She tries to “protect” Ronda by correcting her Urge into some other shit because in the modern west a female doesn’t get the urge to produce children. She gets the urge to work a fucking job or to earn money or to pretend she’s a big black rambo.

Holy shit.

Pause. No.

Holy mother fucking shit.

This was weird ass shit my dude. This is some simulation breaking shit.

It’s funny though. A female in this shit culture can work a job to her dying days and I childless and alone but to think about the Urge to bare children is stupid or old fashioned.

I can’t help thinking.

Holy shit. There’s some strange bullshit spells in the air.

Warm Regards


The rules of Bad Ass Rule One: Do not tolerate disrespect

Real talk. Respect is addictive. I’m talking going from people treating you any kind of way at any given moment to….. bitch I earned my right to be here. I ain’t taking your shit.

As a man. No. As a bad ass dude you don’t let nobody put you down unless you started some shit or didn’t put in you 100 and 10 percent on the job. Excellence is what we strive for in what our hand is put to.

You own up to your shit but you don’t take no shit from any shit head or bitch or beta bitch simp for doing your best and getting shit done.

Real talk. Value yourself my dude. Bring value to every fucking thing you do so that no man will ever put you down. Own your self worth.

Respect that is earned is fucking bank able. It determines how people treat you and let’s them know they can’t fuck with you because you bring value to the fucking business or family your apart of. Don’t let no fucking body steal that shit from you or piss on it without a judgment handed down on them.

1st weapon: Go fuck yourself.

2nd weapon: I don’t have to take your shit I’m out.

3rd weapon: Alright square up asshole you just insulted my wife and kids.

A bad ass is a dude that gets his shit done and doesn’t take bullshit or female bullshit from no one.

Warm Regards


Archetypes of a bad bitch: The smile

This one is a bit tricky so I’ll have to curse more.

You know there are some bitches that have a smile that makes you want to slap the bitch and not in a good way…

Well maybe in a good way.

Then there’s the bad bitch smile. You know the shit when you see it. It isn’t so much sexual as it defines a female that has a level of mastery on her feminine charm and a shit kicking sense of humor.

Humor. Laughter. A sense of delight or finding the bullshit of life’s dark moments amusing some how can form a smile on her lips that is desireable.

It’s the fuck you I won’t be defeated. It’s these fucking people have no idea what kind of bitch that just fucked with.

A man can smile that way and earn friendship from me or a beer.

A female that smiles like that is my sister of life’s strange moments. She is the bad bitch that you will give a lesser bitch the shit if they say one thing about your big momma.

Warm Regards


Real talk. Stop simping. There is a 5’5 shorty out there that wants you to fuck her. You need to find this chicka

Man I’m an old fuck. I don’t understand this simping shit. Women don’t want to be worshipped they want to be fucked by a dude with big dick energy.

Real talk. Okay so your bad at the dating shit. Practice my dude or dude try this. Notice the chicka that looks at you for long moments when you talk and smiles at you and tries her best not to be a bitch but she is encouraging and is comfortable being close. If you take her by the hand and lead her to a place to sit down. Fuck do I need to go on.

My advice. Don’t get in her way my dude. She’s trying to figure out if you have a nice bed or a steady table to put her on.

I’m dead ass…

Serious. My dude. You don’t have to try hard or dress in a suit. She wants you. You just need to pay fucking attention.

This chicka wants you to fuck her. She wants to bare your fucking kids. I’ve had this shit happened to me in public around my chosen preference 5’5 shorties.

I love me a shorty. The first shorty I smiled down at froze a moment and then blinked up at me and then blushed.  I had on a T-shirt and blue jeans and run over sneakers. Fuck I don’t think Obama was in office.

Real talk. Don’t worship. Find a chicka that wants you to fuck her and please don’t say some dumbass line to get in her way. Laughter excites them. Bullshit little dick simp energy puts them off.

Warm, Regards


Song of the day abuse by propaganda because it’s one of those days

It comes up every once in a while. A song from my past and a memory of days when I didn’t feel the grind on my rough hands and scared body.

I hear the drum. The engine is ribbing up for the day. My hope is that it will be productive day.

Spice kicks in as the song gears up the hill and I feel the new sounds drifting into the rhythm.

Alright let’s get this shit going. Could be rain coming in the afternoon. There’s a chill to the air but my mind is set to the sound and beat.

Let’s go.

Warm Regards,


Someone told me I can’t afford something…my response is challenge accepted

Listen, if life is easy for you and you were raised with wealth and got the hot ass shorty easily ignore my post your doing fine.

Life is conflict for me. There always is something standing in the way of what I want or some person or bullshit brain washing about who I am and what I’m supposed to be or like. I have to fight against the shit every day in the country of my birth.

Fuck, my own fucking thoughts and self doubts can be against me at times. I still have to fight on for one purpose.

Fuck the bullshit I got shit I got to get done.

That’s it. I got shit I got to get done. If you want to do something and your shit at it from the jump then you need to work at it until you reach a capable level or give the shit up because it wasn’t important enough to fight to be better at doing.

My one ambition sense I was twelve was to reach a level of mastery that the words I put to pen and paper or doc file and font size convey my seriousness to the craft of writing.

That spirit lives on in my life in other roads of conflict I travel on now. When something means to you how hard are you willing to fight to claim it, to keep it, to master it, to earn it and to hold it?

I ask myself though before I get into the ring of conflict and accept the possibility of failure and defeat and the bullshit aftermath of self doubt demons haunting me in my sleep and waking hours.

Do you give a damn?

If the answer is anything but challenge accepted then I know it ain’t worth the bullshit. I can walk away gladly because it’s one less conflict I can add to the series of battles I’m currently in. I can forgo the bullshit if it means nothing to me but if is the former then my feet are already leading me into the field of blood and battle. Win or lose I wouldn’t have any other way. Because I will fight until the bloody fucking end for someone or something that means everything to me.

I never grew from the few times in my life when everything was at peace. I grew when I got my first kick to the face. I grew when I had to go to the hospital and see my dying mother even when I didn’t want to. I grew in my years of isolation and days of despair as I had to push my mind out of the fog of darkness around my mind.

Conflict. It is the air I breath and water I swim.

I embrace that because I know what it’s like to try to run from it. You can’t avoid it if is on the other side of the door of conflict means everything to you.

You’ll know. When you give a damn.

Warm, Regards


A black rambos weakness. Self pity with a side of jack daniels

Holy shit.

If there is one thing I can’t stand about my black Rambo skin folk is the self pity bullshit they endulge in while they have a 5’5 shorty on their lap feeding them love and home made sandwich.

Holy shit.

I see it occasionally. The old grip about white folks, marketing issues about race and shit kicking cowboys rocking they’re cowboy hats with pride and no fucks given about what happened in the past.

Black Rambos are at their best when they’re having fun and taking on life by the balls. At their worst they’re like a beta bitch crying in the street about the conflicts of life and things not being easy.

I’m an American Highlander. I vap dispair and conflict like cookies n’ cream ice juice and exhale cool summer night vibes.

I used to find it depressing to see black rambos behaving in such a way now…well my view point has changed.

If you saw a 6’8 big dick black rambo sitting in a BMW pissing and whinning crying over some fucking billion asshole not respecting them wouldn’t you laugh.

You damn well know I would.

Warm, Regards


A lesson in female bullshit lesson 4 can you please answer my mother fucking question and no I’m not saying your a fat bitch

I have a problem. When I’m talking to someone which is very few times with few words I need to know one thing a head of time. Will you answer my mother fucking question?

It’s only one little request. Well it’s really a mother fucking demand. I just need to know when I finally do speak will you answer with female bullshit or passive aggressive bitch speech. I need to be prepared ahead of time or else my fucking blood pressure will climb or my give a damn switch will be turned off immediately.


Her opening attack. “Hey what do you think of my dress?”

My response. “It’s nice. You think it’s going to be cold today?”

Her response. “What the fuck does that mean? You think my dress is to short. You think I’m a slut? What fuck is wrong with you?”

Holy shit! It’s to early for this shit. I need some mother fucking coffee in me. Sweet Jesus give me strength.

My finger is on the I-give-a-damn switch. I take a breath. “Aw no. I was asking because I don’t want to wear a jacket today if it will get warmer.”

Her response. “Oh. Well. Yes. It will get warmer. So what are you thinking about doing for the weekend?”

I slam my fist down on the switch and check out of the conversation.

Warm Regards,