If you are pro life for rapist and Jackels not being aborted. I got questions. I’ll be nice.

Well…as nice as I can fucking be about the issue.

What the fuck?


Why? Why should we allow rapists or Jackels that hunt and abuse women & children to live and not be put to sleep?

I mean if you catch them red handed. If you got the proof and video of them smiling at the camera why is it not a moral duty to put the bitch to sleep?

This post is going to be a short one. I really would like to hear some asshole’s bullshit answer about enslaving them in prison is a noble deed instead of freeing them from a society that can’t stand their fucking asses.

Real talk. What the fuck is the issue here?

I’m not talking about murder. That’s wrong. I’m saying put the bitches to sleep.

Warm Regards



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