Loyalty is one of the noble virtues of the west. It ain’t free bitch so watch how you treat me – men of the west

Real talk. I believe this to my core. I embrace it like a bad bitch 5’5 shorty with mischievous smile and a loyal heart.

No man or female should be given your loyalty freely because they happen to be your skin folk. My own skin folk and kin folk have turned against me on a dime for mere misunderstanding about the all mighty dollar.

That’s why I’m an American Highlander bad ass soul. Charecter and honor are what I value. Conflict and challenge are what I vap on.

Some say chivalry is dead. Na’aw bitch that shit is reserved for a loyal brother or sister that got your back on dime. If out in the world without pot to piss in and trouble on every side if you call upon a friend or skin folk or female that comes to your with a sword and a meal that shit is real.

I got females in my family I would buy a plane ticket and beta bitch down for. I would go to war for them if they told me they needed money or me to come lay hands on dude.

In a fucking breath I’m down. Not because they’re a female calling for help. It’s because they feed me when I was hungry gave me the warmth of laughter and love. They looked out for me. That’s fucking loyalty. Likewise if a stranger did the same for me on the street and called me for help. I’m down.

In summary, don’t be a fucking white knight. Don’t give your sword of protection away for free to some pretty bitch that says they hate the very fact your a shit kicking cowboy. Then, they turn around in a corner and ask for the safety of your masculine energy.

Fuck that noise. You must be, you have to be a mother fucking bad ass gentleman. Chivalry is reserved for a lady of honor and a blood brother in the struggle with you.

Warm Regards



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