Am I a right winger? Hmm. I prefer to think of myself as a right hock kick to the balls of the beta bitch left and right.

I think of right wingers as beta bitch losers who love to talk about how virtuous they are losing the their culture, their jobs and their fucking society to blue hair land whales.

I was much worse at one point because I grew not knowing and then being a beta bitch by hiding the fact. I was always on the shit kicking right.

I grew up in a blue state. Spoon fed liberal ideologies and self-pity tactics with a side of Jack Daniel’s. But, I was always weird even in my beta bitch days. Some stuff never rang true to me.

It’s the white man this…the white man that. Always in conflict with the dual messages of you control your progress in life by effort, skill and determination. My ideals flowed to the later and the former always bored the fuck out of me.

I rock with everybody that treat me with respect but I’m down with shit kickers for sure because we agree to the same mindset.

Don’t remain in the past push forward. That’s always been my ideal.

Warm regards



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