The problems I have with Disney start back to the live action Beauty & the Beast. #DevilMouse

The animated Beauty & The Beast movie in the 90s was the shit I grew up with and enjoyed. It was one of My mother’s favorite movies. The music, the animation the fucked up story. I loved that shit.

Flash forward to the remake in 2017 era. I’m much more hip to the notion of Disney being full of shit now that we’ve entered the declining years of woke shit tush salad.

I don’t watch it. I watch the review for one main reason. The big headed alien staring as Bella is some bullshit. I don’t rock it and the fucking trailers gave me the stench of “we’re trying to say something political but we’re dumbasses so”


Why in the fuck when they bring back classic good movies they have to destory the good in it with a crappy new interpretation and some black guy in it married to a white wife? Oh wait I know why. It’s because Disney doesn’t want to miss a moment of fucking with black men in general by using them to tell their own shifty as fuck political bullshit evil wet dreams.

Yes. I do hate Disney. It is in my opinion a fucking fact it is an evil empire. This is part 1 of my rant.


Disney is shit.

I’m reading some shit about race swiping that fucks with me a little but the fucking music sections and seeing the big headed alien being Bella that shit….holy shit.

Fuck the race swiping. Having that Big headed chip on her now shoulders asshole as Bella that’s the shit that did it for me. Keep in mind this was back in my beta bitch days so I was doing the fuck that shit on the low.

Now I’ll just say it openly.

Warm regards



2 thoughts on “The problems I have with Disney start back to the live action Beauty & the Beast. #DevilMouse

  1. Well the major problems I have with the company is there racism pro china and rainbow tribe agenda. Screw that dead mouse’s company I hope it burns to the ground.


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