White House says Russia is going to do something. A dude challenges this.. Find the bullshit.

This is old news but I found it funny as hell and it’s a lesson in find the bullshit.

Short hand version of the video.

Alright some beta bitch white house guy is saying a lot of bullshit spells and buzz words that mean dick all. One man with balls raises to the occasion and simple asks.

“Okay. Where is the evidence or proof of what your saying?”

The answer. “I just gave my evidence.”

“No you just said a lot of stuff and scary words. Where is the proof that your argument is valid?”

“The fuck?! I just gave you proof my guy. Come on!”


“With respect. No you didn’t you just said a whole lot of words. Where is the proof?”

“You want to go my guy? You calling me a liar. Fuck you bitch!”

Warm regards



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