Covid masks theories, The comedy of today’s politics is crazy!

I can’t get over how funny that whole back forth between a reporter and the beta bitch white house guy.

This shit is hilarious.

I remember back in the years of our Obama them (kiss ass reporters) kissing his ass and damn near begging to tongue his asshole.

Now. There’s fucking blood in the water. It stinks of beta bitch and little dick energy.

I can’t take this shit seriously. It’s one big game to these fuckers. For shits and giggles. Can they get a whole bunch of normal people to sign on to this shit?

They signed on the masks and fake panic. Though honestly the crazies are kind of pants passing funny.

Real talk. A fucking week ago I saw a man with a fucking mask on carrying his son across the street. I noticed a weird yellow helmet on the kids head. I saw it but I didn’t see it until the man puts his boy down and they walk.

The kid has a special made face shield that covers his entire head front to back. The kid can barely walk and he has this bucket head face shield on. He’s walking like a drunk on Friday trying to get to one last happy hour..

The moment I saw it I had to turn my head. Cover my mouth. The shit is so funny and crazy. I couldn’t take it my dude.

Holy shit. The war stories these kids will have about their mind fucked parents but I understood the reason.

His kid can’t breath with the fucking mask on so the parents (mother) decided to give the kid a magic face shield mask.

In a weird way it’s better to make him look like dumbass then be a. Non breathing unhappy kid.

Warm regards



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