The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 8


Man. This was going to be tougher then I thought it was going to be. I waited until our drinks came and I toasted Chase.

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I took a drink as Chase stared at me looking like he had something to say but I couldn’t wait a moment longer.

“You my guy, Chase but you can’t smash my girl. It’ll be over between us.” I said.

Chase stared at me. “Which girl would that be? You’ve smashed a lot of girls at the job.”


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He made a face but quickly hid it with his classic smile. “Sure I got you my guy. I got to ask a favor from you though. Well two favors.”

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I held up a hand up. “Okay. Before you start on with the charm. What is it about Kate you hate?”

Chase held his hands up. “I don’t hate your shorty, my guy.”

I nodded. “You don’t like her though. That’s good for me but why?” I was pushing it but I needed to know My thing with Kate wouldn’t fuck with my friendship with Chase.

Chase sighed. “She don’t treat my woman respectfully and she puts me off pretending to care about what I like just to be up in my face while throwing shade at my girl behind my back. I ain’t cool or attracted to females like her at all. But, I’ll be respectful to her because she’s your girl.”

Wow. That was red flags all around. Chase did not take disrespect lightly or anyone fucking with Audi.”Okay. I can tell her to back off a little and try to act nice with Audi.”

Chase smiled trying to relax again. “Thank you but don’t worry my guy. I ain’t even thinking about your girl. I got to much going on to think about your shorty but now to my favors. I need a floor to sleep on and a dude to my best man next year. You fit the bill for all that. What you say?”

I couldn’t help smiling. “I would be honored.”

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“Good. What about the floor situation?” Chase asked with a grin.

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I nodded but stared at him. “I got you. What happened with your folks bro? Does it have anything to do with Audi?”

Chase hook his head. “No. It’s me. I can’t live with them anymore or see them until I get my shit together. No. We didn’t have a fight. I just need to get my shit together. Audi doesn’t know and I don’t want to worry her.”

I nodded. “I hear you. Hey. I been there to bro. You can bonk with at my place for free.”

Chase looked at me. “I’ll pay you $250 every week until I move out next year.” He said in a final voice.

I smiled and nodded. “Sure.. 250 it is. Why you waiting until next year though? Getting married isn’t that expensive if you just head on to the court house.”

Chase smiled. “I want to do it on Audi’s birthday.”

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I chuckled. “You asshole, you just want to do it on a day you’ll be able to remember for your anniversary and her birthday. Cheap asshole.”

Chase nodded. “True. But she’ll love the idea anyway.”

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