The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 7


My mother was blowing up my phone as I got off work and headed back to my apartment. I didn’t answer my phone until I got back home.

I got inside my apartment closed the door. Took a breath and answered her call.

“Hey, Mom. We’re not engaged yet offically. The official engagement and wedding won’t be until next year.”

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“Are you pregnant?”

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The fuck?! I looked at my phone and brought it back to my ear. “No. I’m not. I promised you I wouldn’t but more to the point I told you Chase doesn’t-“

“I don’t give a fuck what that piece of shit wants or says. You are not marrying that loser. He’s going nowhere. Five years a package handler?! He’s a loser.”

“He isn’t a package handler. Anymore. He’s a manager now.” I said.

“Full time or part time?”

Holy shit. “I’m going to marry Chase.” I said.

“Over Chase Morgan’s dead body. I’m putting an end to this shit. I’m going to fix you up with-“

“You will do no such thing.” I told her firmly. The last thing I need was for her to get me in trouble with Chase and have him thinking I’m playing games with him. “Daddy approved of Chase that’s the end of it.” I said.

“That little chicken shit has got you brain washed. He isn’t marrying you because of “he loves you”. He’s doing this to fuck with me because I finally told his ass off to his face when he came to me this morning.”

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Holy shit. “Ah. Okay. So how did he react to you speaking your mind and such?”

“Why you sound all nervous. That little chicken shit didn’t do nothing to me. He just stood there like the chicken shit he is and took it with that fake ass smile of his and still had the nerve to tell me he would be marrying you anyway. He acted all cool but that bitch was shook.”


I exhaled and felt calm again. “Alright. It’s fine then. I got to make dinner Mom. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Make dinner?! You need to dump that loser so we can start looking for a real man for you like your Daddy.” Mom said in a funny way at the end let me know Daddy was in the room.

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Oh Lord. “I already got one. I’ll call you to tomorrow have fun.”

“Yeah. I got go. We’ll talk later bye.” Mom said hanging up quickly.

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