Remember, Remember Richard Henry Pratt the progressive that invented the political magic word, “Racism”

Yeah. This is interesting stuff. The word and the political use of it as a weapon to destory native Americans cultures is an amazing story.

Here’s a quotes from the founder.

“Kill the Indian, save the man”

Segregating any class or race of people apart from the rest of the people kills the progress of the segregated people or makes their growth very slow. Association of races and classes is necessary to destroy racism and classism. – Oxford English dictionary recorded in 1902

The shit is interesting to read about the orgin of the political magic word effect of Racism.

Short hand story. After years of war against the so-called “Idians” and putting them on reservations of hellish conditions he suggests the means of saving them is burning their culture and dressing them up in the dresses and suits of their conquers. Why? Because he really really didn’t like Idians but he liked his culture so if he could get rid of their cultural identity and mask it in Anglo-Saxon American identity then he could tolerate them. Because it was racist of them to want to keep their separate cultural identity in a country conquered over by Anglo-Saxon Americans.

In other words he wanted them to go along to get along.


I really do have to pause a moment. I’m not saying one tribe of people not liking another tribe of people didn’t exist before Pratt coined the magic political word.

Oh no.

I’m saying Mr. Pratt turned his dis-like into a political philosophy as a means of burning away everything about the culture he didn’t like and putting a Anglo-Saxon mask over it with Christianity forced conversion included.

Holy shit. People say the dude with the weird mustache was king weirdo Mr. Pratt could take that dude to school.

Remember, Remember Richard Henry Pratt. The general. The progressive. The killer of cultures.

He took their children. He cut their hair. Changed their clothes. Beat out of them their native mother tongue.

He did this to save their souls from their culture and ways of being. He did this with good intentions and a joy of burning away their links to their cultural identity.

Lost to the sands of time. His efforts and successes and methods are still practiced by his progressive all inclusive ideological descendants.

Remember, Remember Richard Henry Pratt. The general. The progressive. The killer of cultures. The stealer of the legazy of men.

Warm regards


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