The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 3


I couldn’t deal with this shit right now. But, fuck it. I got up to go to the control room because the sort was set to begin in twenty minutes. I got out my phone as I picked up my laptop and brought up my Daddy’s number. I headed out the door into the warehouse past the vans to the control room.

My Daddy picked up on the third ring as I approuched the control room.

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“Hey, Baby girl. What’s up?”

“Hey. Daddy. Did Chase have a conversation with you about him and me?”

“Yep. He told me his plans and such. It was a bit of a surprise but a welcome one. Good to see how serious he’s getting and not stringing you along. He even told me he had opened an account to pay for the wedding.. Anything else?”

Ah shit. “Ah. No. I ah. I’ll talk to you later. Daddy. No. Wait ah. He’s paying for the wedding?!”

“Yeah. Chase told me he’s paying for the wedding and he laid out his whole plans and time table of when we would expect the wedding to take place. He just needed me and your mother to show up on time to support you. Don’t worry baby girl I talked with Chase and got his measure and I negotiated with him and we’ll be getting you two a gift. It’s saddled.”

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Oh boy. I knew that tone. I still had to try. “Daddy. Chase and I might still need help with the-“

“Do you want to marry Chase?” He asked pointedly.

“Of course. We’ve been dating sense forever. We are getting married. I just-“

“Then it’s saddled. I already accepted his dowry.”

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The fuck?! “I’m sorry. Ah. I didn’t get that last part. What was that?!”

“I accepted his dowry marriage proposal. So it’s saddled to me. He’s serious and determined. We made a deal and shook on it. It’s done.”

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Holy shit. “Daddy. This isn’t the 1800s. You shouldn’t have accepted money from Chase. You need to give that back.”

“Excuse you?! I’m not giving nothing back. Any man that got enough respect for me to ask your hand in marriage, give me a dowry and say he’s paying for the wedding…please. You need to get back to work and stop sticking your nose into men business little girl. It’s saddle Have good day.”

He hung up on me just like that. Damn it Chase. Now I know he was not only fucking with me he had also turned my own father to his side. Damn you Chase. I wanted hit him and kiss at the same time. Damn I was horny.

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3 thoughts on “The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 3

  1. Good pacing in that story. Good material in general. I was reading a story in the New York TImes today and for some reason your story reminds me of two of the articles, both hard-hitting pieces on Baltimore’s civic scene and an embezzlement of money.

    Do you think we’re suckers for wanting to succeed on legal terms, without breaking any laws??? I wonder….

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