A tale of two alphas and the need to compete….

Okay here’s the story

You have one alpha male we’ll name C-unit on YouTube that has a small channel and is competing in his chosen art. Comedy. Like all alpha’s he wants to compete and be on the top of the hill. 100k or A million subscribers.

C-uint’s comedy is okay. Hits and one to many misses. He sits at 20k. He is an alpha so it will never be enough even though in real life he’s millionaire and well off.

Now. Last year a dude we’ll call KB who also happens to be a millionaire starts off at similar small number of subscribers but advances to the top because of him throwing back killer comeback jokes at other millionaires in a counter attack move. KB even gives C-uint a bomp in popularity by having him on his channel.

C-uint is funny but not as funny as KB at roasting dudes at a scale that draws 100k views. C-uint is completely a alpha.

KB is an alpha that is selective about who he competes with and why.

One year later, C-uint issues the first strike at KB to challenge his position. It isn’t obvious at first he just makes fun of KB and gives his thoughts on KB and what he thinks is a sign of weakness in KB regarding a matter that don’t got shit to do with him. C-uint is an alpha.

C-unit gets tired of KB ignoring his challenge so he gets direct and calls him a weak bitch and his subscribers cult followers and all the bullshit.

Me at the time. I’m thinking. I’m wondering why the fuck C-uint cares about another man’s business or issues with another millionaire?

KB comes back with a rebuff. “I don’t know you and you don’t know me or the details about the issue your talking about.. Find something else to talk about.” KB says and doesn’t mention C-uint by name.

C-unit goes live and says, “I ain’t afraid of you.”

Hmm. KB didn’t say or imply C-unit was afraid of him. So it hits me this morning.

This is some alpha bullshit.

C-uint is trying to lock horns in a alpha match for dominance with KB on YouTube.

It sounds stupid as hell but did I mention C-uint has been having a silent comedy biff for years with another dude named Ceno that happens to be associated with KB?

This shit is way more interesting to me then the goings of whether Joe Biden is alive or really the Crept Keeper and Chief.

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2 thoughts on “A tale of two alphas and the need to compete….

  1. Really good rundown. Very clear and easy for me to follow, even though I am a newbie at this YouTube comedy shee-it.

    It seems to me that KB is just toying with C-unit like a litte dog yipping around his ankles. He could squash him if he wanted but he’s just biding his time. (Biden his time too — that ole fool’s gonna croak REAL SOON NOW and leave a Masala half-Indian bitch in charge. Gawd *hand over face*)

    Now C-Unit needs to ramp up his game. Maybe he just veer from comedy into personal bizness. Not sure what that would entail, but it could be something about the lineage of his opponent’s mama, the bro’s IQ, the ugliness of his gf, etc etc.

    Keep us informed on how the smackdown proceeds between these two stellar individuals. Or as Scott Adams of Dilbert fame puts it:


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