Updates on ebooks coming, Punch! and podcast.

The problem of figuring out how to turn PUNCH! in to a comic or graphic novel is a process new to my plans for the blog. I will have to learn or out source to artists for hirer. But it’s not the only story I plan to make a comic.

I can see Cyberpunk dreams stories vividly in my head being comics. I will have to figure it and make time to learn how to get it done right.

In any event I also plan to publish a free ebook every month this year. I can do it. My ebooks I want to make special and have a version for kindle that will scream published by Daysgonedogg.com style.

The podcast is coming back I just have to make time for it and organize my week right. Day job is slowing down so I have time for other projects.

I’ll still have to do something special for November’s 💋.

Warm regards


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