Real talk. Game on!

I will try to keep my cursing down on this one but holy fuck what the fuck happened to the west?

Fuck it.

One year of bullshit mind control and grown men living in fear of Covid. We started out the year in delta stages of worry and killing people softly with fear and doubt of whether they’ll make to the end of the year with Joe Biden in charge.

I had my concerns more so for Biden. Those concerns turned to laughter when I realized the truth…he’s nothing but a Beta bitch old fucker with a toy gun.


By the time we reach Omega level I will have offically gone to indifference and boredom. Right now I’m at I don’t give a fuck.


I’m not a beta bitch and I’m nobody’s fool or slave. 2 years of this shit. 2 mother fucking years of fear mongering. Vaccines that don’t do shit or might give you a heart attack as a bonus for following government protocol and an surplus of beta bitch behavior.

Where do I stand?

My distrust of the government and men in lab jackets has risen and my confidence in western men fighting back has…

risen and fallen at the same time.

We are living in an age of conflict. It’s not a time of peace. It’s the age to get your dukes up.. This is an age of tyrantanical governments or supposed authorities telling you when you can when you can not be free to live your life and not be under the boot or leash in a western society.

The reality of the decisions our forefathers and beta bitch leaders made in the past is coming at us like a Rafe in the night coming at us for our wallet, our lives and demanding we surrender and die. To save the children. Some men are having heart attacks from fear alone. Some men are to invested in the go along to get along code.

Honest and true. This isn’t about covid. This is the age of conflict and challenge. The shit test of life is on.

The beta bitch life is a peaceful one. It’s a kind one. It’s a white flag life of no problems and easy solutions. People have easy access to your mind and money. The problem is it ain’t real.

Life is conflict. The age we’re living in is the age of conflict and challenge.

In summary the proper response to all this shit being thrown at us and being forced on us and people threating our very fucking lives is…Game on.

Let’s see who breaks first mother fucker. I’ve been leveling up all year and had push backs and let downs the whole damn time. Every damn day of the week I’ve had my struggles, my bouts of depression but still it’s game the fuck on.

Look. I ain’t the news or a fucking dude in lab jacket. This is a space for you the travelor on the interwebs to have fun, relax, laugh and above else get the message…

Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up on yourself or trying to become a better version of yourself. Pick up your fucking sword if you got it or a fucking butter knife handy and embrace conflict like a 5’5 shorty laying flat on a table.

Warm regards



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