The good reads of 2021…from blogs to graphic novels, etc.

Oh my rating system is as follows from best to the fuck?!

5.5 shorty with a dip > bad bitch with a sense of humor > Tits > acceptable shit > The fuck?!

The only book I read published in 2021 was


My first introduction into the world of Elric. It’s a graphic novel with strong moving and interesting graphic storytelling and completely banana balls crazy.

Really it’s a visual cocain head trip for the eyes and mind to grapple with the fuckery messages in the story. Brilliant? Yes. Yet completely banana balls crazy at the same time. Tits.

I spent the rest of the year nibbling on blogs and reading old books and short stories. My favorite books were Paycheck and other classic stories by Philip K Dick. I reconnected with his writing and found a weirdness and creative voice I found a kin to my own. Bad bitch with a good sense of humor.

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton was a big piece of excellent writing I did not finish but found wonder just to read early in the spring to summer mornings. I have to get back to it. The pacing is good and it is just fun to read. 5’5 shorty with a dip.

The sensational She hulk by John Byrne Ominbus was a random buy and enjoyment for a moment. I enjoyed the art and wanted to have a Nostalgia moment about what She used to be like. The stories are fun little comedy adventures with good art but it was only fun for a moment. Tits

There is plenty of shit in the world thrown at us everyday I tend to avoid it when I can. Hmm.

R. C. Walden’s blog and essays though fall in to acceptable shit and okay writing. His video essays are brilliant and pupubus but I like his videos (video editor) but his writing is so so. Hmm. Na’aw, It’s acceptable shit.

Warm regards


Honorable mentions: The complete collection of Robert Frost. 5’5 shorty with a dip without question.


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