Matrix 4?! Of all the bull crap Nostalgia shit to bring back from the grave yard these fuckers bring this shit back!

For fuckshake.


You got to understand. I’m an old fuck. I remember when the Matrix was hot shit and then the fucking movies came out and then….

Fucking shit. I want my mother fucking money back for that bullshit third movie. $5 fucking dollars all gone my dude. I ain’t getting that shit back. Fucking hell. I never laughed so fucking much at the expense of bullshit movie or spent fucking years talking to Red about how they could have fixed the shit to make some type of sense.

I’m ranting right now. But fuck it. The question of why this shit and then the problem with Nostalgia comes to my mind.

Fuckers start digging up the graveyard of dead corpse movie franchises that nobody gives a fuck about. Where is the fucking end to this shit?

We had a couple of forgettable Nostalgia head trips to come out. Death Wish comes to mind but then who the fuck even remembers that movie?

No. It’s just the funniest bull crap Nostalgia cocain head trip. Matrix 4. Holy shit. The fuckers are running on bullshit and fantasy land dreams. They looking to rewrite or bring back dated movies just to make $25 bucks a pop at the theaters or $15. Bucks for rent on YouTube, or streaming the shit off Hulu.

Hulu. Fuck. I can remember when that company went public. Fuck I’m old.


Fuckers are rolling the fucking dice my dude on whether the shit will stick or whether people say fuck that shit. Dudes now a days will saddle for this shit just watch something that’s in another universe where human beings don’t where fucking masks every fucking where.

Warm regards



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