Brainstorming. Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd  Cobra (1980s), Overboard (1980s) and Executive Part 5

Chapter 4


I turned to leave to leave the room as Miss Warrior came to her feet.

“Is that it? Your leaving?”

I half turned back to look at her and saw something else in her eyes and body language. I noticed the tattoo on her ring finger. I smiled back at her face. “Oh no. Like I told your adopted father. This is only the beginning. If you can convince your new family to stay a bit in the city state it would advice able for me to clean up loss ends for you.”

“We won’t need convincing. We’re here on business for this week.” Mrs. Warrior said.

I nodded to her. “That’s good to hear Ma’am.” I said and took out my wallet and took out a card to Miss Warrior.

Goldy took it taking a hold of my hand and smiled at me. “Thank you for your help Officer Rafe.” She said.

I gentle removed my hand from her grasp and nodded. “It’s my job Miss Warrior. I’ll see you soon.” I said turning to the door I opened it and walked out closing it behind.

I blew out a sigh and frowned and started off for the command room. This was the third fucking violation of article code 2 this year alone that was discovered. Someone was running an operation.

That operation needed to burned down and the operators judged before the low dregs and protected areas of Newark city lost all trust and faith in the authority of the Judge officers of Newark.

I needed to talk to the chief.

I proceeded to the command room with several officers looking up at me as I did so and then I saw some of them raise their brows at whatever expression was on my face. I passed Barney as he was eating a dount at his desk. He nodded to me and got to his feet to follow me with question or comment.

I got to the command room door and entered the security code and let the Barney proceed before me. I walked inside to see the operator of the city cameras and telecommunications glance back at me.

Julia Veto, a young pretty little thing in her black uniform sat in hair chair. Bronze hair with large glasses and a cyberlink on her head. Julia smiled at me.

“I saw the young girl making eyes at you. She another groupie of yours?”

“I need you to call the chief up. We got a article code 2 shit storm.” I said.

Julia’s smile slipped away as she nodded turned back to the station and dialed up the chief’s number.

It was ten minutes later before he picked up the call. Gino Fish appeared on the screen with Eddie Williams in the background playing his guitar gentle as sat on the couch ignoring the call while he talked with his other bandmates.

“What happened Judge? Give it to me straight brother. No bullshit in between. I got a gig tonight to raise funds for lower dregs hospitals.”

I focused on Gino. “I’ll send you the audio of the interview I took today but the short of it is some corpo asshole married a young 20 something shorty to gain her company. Instead of divorcing her afterward this asshole hired a Satanic psychopath assassin posing as a law dog to make her sign it over but not before trying to proform some weird humilitation ritual on her. This is the third kind of case we know about this year alone. I want to put a warent on the corpo’s ass and try to bust his ass to squeeze out information on who the fuck is running this operation but what do you want me to do?”

Gino grimanced but he nodded his head. “Handle it how you like, Judge. I want this operation burned down before the year is out. We can’t have the fucking public freaking out about whether the fucking cops will fucking rape and murder them on the fucking street instead of giving them a traffic ticket or asking for a bribe. I’m going to be talking with my lawyers and the elders tomorrow on figuring out a way of fixing this shit with article code 2. Anything else?”

I shook my head. “I’ll send you the updates and audio file of the interview as the case proceeds. I’ll proceed as will until you tell me otherwise. Until then I’m going hunting for shitbags.” I said.

Gino smiled. “Good hunting then, brother.” He said before ending the transmission.

I turned to the other two who were looking at me. “What?”

Both shook their heads and smiled. I rolled my eyes and turned for the door.

Warm Regards,



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