Cyberpunk hierarchy lore. This one was surprising but not surprising at all….

I’m going to do a short hand for Judge Dredd meets Overboard. JDMO.

Yeah. If you read the cyberpunk morning stuff then you know who Gino Fish and Eddie Williams are. It was a little surprising that Gino Fish would be the Chief of Newark city state officers or NCOS.

As I was writing it was surprising but not really. I had to think on the higher ups and authorities of Newark city state.

The authority chain goes as follows:

The Kings > Knights > Senior Officers > NCOs

The political chain goes as follows:

CEO > Executive > manager > corporate police or corporate security > office worker

Underground chain is as follows:

Fixer > solo > runners

There is room for advancement with opportunity and chance but each chain is it’s own thing. A fixer could depending on his or her skill level advance or rival a CEO or be at equal standing of king depending on the circumstances.

Nomads are a moving tribe or community with rules and practices of their own in the out lands.

Nomad chain is as follows:

Elders > big brother > big sister > children

This is all kind of weird but it makes sense in the cyberpunk world of Newark.

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