Lord Byron is giving my dude Robert Frost competition…

Today is a poetry day.

Though I did not know it yesterday.

I know it is one today.

I picked up a book of poetry from my legend R. Frost.

I found though as I made my casual perusal through his collective works

I had on hand beside me.

Something of a mixed bag of highs and lows of experimental modern day

Mixing bowl of stories and off beat rhythm.

You see I read a loud poetry. I love the sound of the song bird language

It is sweet to my ears. I was thrusting for tradition.

Lord Byron came to my mind. I went on YouTube and clicked on to an audio delight and I found myself quietly

Delighted of course and thoughtful.

In a few seconds.

I was shocked to consider. Yes indeed.

My hero had strong competion for this day of poetry I’m in.

Warm Regards,



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