GuardianDogg vs Redservent….dominance game. Read to the end!

A brief history. My brother has always been alpha. Dominance. Charm and extroverted.

Me. I was a beta bitch for most of my life until well…until I got to shit kicking Texas. The end.

Real talk. There’s something in the fucking air my dude. The beta bitch shit got kicked out of me.

Finally. Finally. I embraced my American Highlander heritage and took my first hit of conflict from my vaporizer. That shit kicked in with a buzz my dude.

Now with that being said. My brother is an alpha. I like to fuck with him occasionally. Only when he sticks his chest out at me and gives me the come at me brother or we got a problem?

The shit’s funny to me to now. I have no problem with conflict or the dominace game.  Being a man means you to be on some level be a bad ass.

Now. Where the fuck am I going with bullshit….

Every time. Every mother fucking time we go head to head in a fucking air hockey table game this mother fucker-Ah is always giving me that fucking alpha grin when he beats my old ass one point at a time. He wins of course not from skill alone but because I scored more points against myself in his favor at the shit today.

The bullshit moment. He’s seven up to my one. He comes around the table with a shit eating grin and gives me fist bump and pat on the shoulder…

The silent dialog. Better luck next time old man.

The mother fuck-ah is only five years younger then me. Same old bullshit.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I’m get his ass back with a fighting game. It always fucks with him when I beat him once in twenty rounds of him beating me.


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