Thinking about the writing voice…

I read a blog post yesterday about voice in writing.

The whole of which brought to my mind the weird laboratory experiments I have been doing with my own voice here on the blog.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the word Bullshit. It’s a word I grew up hearing and it best discribes well…Bullshit in a fun and humorous way and it’s pure nonsensical lyrical fun on my part.

Otherwise, I experiment consently. I listen to dialogs of English accents and the lyrical flow of rhythm and flow in songs in poetry and fictional books.

It is a consistent effort on my part to make sure you hear that hear my voice and know it for who I am. A finger print of a man of a certain and time.

The benefits for this work is that when I write fictional characters dialog it becomes easier over time to make every character sound like a distinct personality.

Example. Smoky and the Bandit.

A big sum-ah-bitch ass truck is hauling ass down the highway where Buford T. Justice and his bitch ass son are standing and about to be taken out.

Wow! Holy shit! Get back! That sum-ah-bitch is coming through fast.

I saw that you sum-ah-bitch. You did that shit on purpose. I got the evidence to bring you up on charges.

Put the evidence in the car Jr.

But. Daddy?!

Put the evidence in the car.

Alrighty Daddy.

I’m a barbecue your ass in molasses.

Hot damn! I love that movie.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Sum-ah-bitch is a lost treasure of nonsense word combo lost to us…but not in shit kicking Texas.


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