The uncovered LIE that started the MGTOW movement and is believed today.

History is writen and rewritten by bullshiters and losers.

I find this more truer then when I first discovered it not to long ago.

I used to believe in the lie. I used to think the lie was at the core of marriage and such and corner stone of relationships. I don’t any longer of course.

It was feed to me in movies and modern bullshit books of today but..the truth is so much more similar.

I really do believe this is a dangerous lie and one of the core things wrong with the west today.


You never know how dangerously stupid something is until you put it up face to face with the real tangible and objective truth.

Romantic love is bullshit. This goes without question. I say it often enough but I never realized how dangerously stupid the mere concept of it is until I heard a married female from the east try to grapple with the concept of romantic love. What love is for her is the concept her husband putting food on the fucking table and providing a roof over her head.

Real talk. I was watching again a podcast in which the question posed now that I think about is the stupidest notion in the world.

Should a marriage be based on romantic love?!

You have two western females on the panel and three western men and one eastern female who has a blank look on her face as if the question was about should one eat mood or shit if day old cheese wasn’t available?

One female was vaguely awhere about the bullshit behind the question but ignored it and said yes, from her view point. Romantic bullshit love was an important element in marriage.

One BLACK christian dude tried to pull some scripture and love and basketball feel to the shit. Out of pocket and still trying to justify a fucking feel that passes every once in while like a fart in the wind as valid.

A married traditional dude that distribes himself as Benevolent Dictator says correctly marriage is a business. It isn’t about romantic bullshit at all.

The eastern married female raises her hand when they’ve all gone quiet and says.

“I-ah. Could you ah give me an example of what romantic love is? I ah kinda can’t understand what your saying. It seems like a feeling and ah when I got married to my husband it wasn’t based on any of that.” She said.

Translation: The fuck?! Please explain.

Now…a moment of silence follows as westerners are trying to think on how to explain romantic bullshit as a real concept. The one married man ain’t saying shit. His head is down and his hands are covering his face for some reason.

A black power princess takes on the challenge. I’m going to summarize her bullshit. She’s a middle of the road fence sitting bullshiter.

“Yeah. Well. Like it is a feeling. And it’s important feeling to be the basis for a marriage. Like. It’s important and it’s literally very important as ah reason to be married. You can’t have a marriage without….however I can equally agree that for other cultures that like ah don’t have that framework then like ah a arranged marriage can be correct for that culture as well…like ah. Yeah. Both are equally good. Neither one is better then the other.”

My fucking brain hurt writing this summary but holy balls. Just hearing black power princess try to make romantic bullshit sound legit was laughable as it was slightly annoying.

Romantic bullshit is dangerously stupid shit my dude. What beta bitch gamma invented this shit? What blue haired sea beast thought this shit was….logical?!

But, this is the bullshit I grew up inductionated on and it wasn’t even the reason my black power princess mother married my Daddy.

The fuck?! This romantic bullshit lie lasted for what…nearly a century in the west?!

Late 1900s to now. A lot of western people still believe this shit. But, not for long. The timer is running out on the Empire and great romantic bullshit lie.

Warm Regards,



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