Update on energy levels..I’m feeling good and thinking positive thoughts.

I woke up feeling not good at all with the thoughts…Lord Jesus get me through this day.

I had to limber up a lot today but I was doing good. Got some writing in and felt good. I watched a few videos and read blog posts did some writing and still good. It was content that made me think and write.

Side note. It might be because tomorrow is my day off but that’s not always the case. I did have a nice breakfast and I got some sun. I have taken to smiling more and being more positive about liking my job not just getting through. It’s not hard. The people are great and I respect a lot of people there. I like the work culture to. I like the work.

By the end of my first shift I was feeling good. No great. I realized today was going to be a good day. I realized my body was feeling good and I could move fast and the depression bullshit moments aren’t capturing my focus.

I did another shift and still I feel good. I know it’s weird still to me. I’m taking notice though. But, my best days of energy and well-being are few and far times in between in a week.

Warm Regards


P. S. Again my depression isn’t a major part of my life because I don’t want it to be. Just something I deal with better over time.


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