I’m listening to modern female’s views on marriage and of course she wants a man who earns more.

The subject of the video is about whether a woman would choose a man that couldn’t provide for her?

I’m going to be nice or at least I’ll try.

The answer to the question is hell no. You know it. I know it. A village girl in a small african village would laugh her ass off at the question.

But the secondary question behind the question is would a modern female marry a man that requires submission from her?

Not partnership. Submission.

If she’s demanding higher earner what the fuck is giving in return? Tits? Feelings!?

All (sain, honest and delusional) females have a inner need for their men to be the best. To be capable and to have Big Dick Energy. To able to protect them and their children.


Not all modern day females want to be a classical female of grace and submission in a husband and wife senerio.


High level bullshit programing.

A modern day female would rather be a man then admit to her female genetic urges.

It’s nature vs femininst horse shit programming.

There is nothing natural about a female demanding power but also being demanding that their men have higher earning power more then them but treating them on equal footing or giving into her demands because….the feelings?!

No. It’s nature vs insanity.

Warm Regards



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