Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 4

Let’s add American Ninja the movie, Commando and magic bullshit.

Ready Mix!

Chapter 3


Damnnation. What the fuck were we walking into. I made my approuch with Zelda at my right side as we walked over the mummies on the floor.

I saw Zelda out the corner of my eye. She was looking tired and I can hear her breathing heavy.

“You breathing hot and heavy for my scent, Tango. Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Zelda straightened up and dug into her utility belt. She got out her green flask and took a drag. Her breathing became normal again and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“I’m breathing heavy because I’m doing all the work here. Where the fuck is your Ocarina?”

I shook my head. “Not my thing Princess. How long until we make it to the dungeon rooms their holding King Leo?”

“You need more training rockie?”

“You need to stop bathing in roses and strawberry milk. I making my mouth water.” I said.

Zelda frowned at me and flipped me off in the dark and opened a door in the wall and showed.

Zelda walked through and was snatched inside. I rushed inside into a fist.

I woke up when some asshole slapped my face. I was lying on a table tied down. My weapons and the sword gone.

Gannon. A tall muscled asshole with red hair, hawk nose and dressed in a black suit smiled at me. He held up my sword and pointed the tip at my neck. “I have a little job for you Cash. You do it. I let you live. Hell I’ll even give you the Tango as a present. All I want is the Tri ninja scrolls. Do we have a deal?”

“Fuck you.”

He laughed and through my sword to the floor. Indifferent to it.

Gannon snapped his fingers. A door opened and Zelda and Leo were wheeled inside in wheel chairs.

Gannon took out a dark stone revoler and shot Leo in the head.

“Shit Fucker!”

Zelda froze and then went wild in rage. “I’ll kill you. I’ll fucking kill you bastard.”

Zelda was gagged. Gannon turned his gaze on me. “I much prefer modern weapons then childrens’ swords. The Tri Scrolls are said to rest in the forest temple of time, under ground in the dungeons. You will take your sword and find them bring them to me in two days or I will blow your old lady’s head off and burn her castle to the ground or I can kill you both now.”

I stared at him. “The sword is useless against you then?”

Gannon smiled. “Yeah. The masters sword is a title. You are the sword. Zelda is your master. Old Leo was grooming you to be his daughter’s guardian concubine. So do we have a deal then?”

I smiled. “Yeah. Sure. I’ll get you the scolls. You let me take my old lady back and we leave. Sounds like bullshit to me?”

Gannon snorted. “I don’t give a damn about this stupid little city state in the middle of nowhere. I’m the king of the Gurodo kingdom. I want the Tri Fold treasure. I mean look how easy it was to take this piss poor kingdom. Weak. To easy and not worth it.”

I stared at him. “You just killed a man for money?”

Gannon shrugged. “He was an ass and I did try to reason with him. He could have told me where the treasure is. He was too greedy. But, killing him served to show you how serious I am. I’m not that complicated. I just want the treasure.”

Holy shit. This fucker was crazy. “Let me up.”

To be continued….

Warm Regards


P. S.

This shit is getting good.


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