Now the bad side of being conflict hungry is fighting the wrong enemy…

Or fighting a ghost. Sometimes the enemy doesn’t show himself. Sometimes he fools you pointing you to look at the wrong target.

Real talk. That is an issue for my skin folk. We’re all to easily fooled by TV and “reliable” souces.

Yes me too. That’s why I don’t watch the news. I hear about it and then I read for general information because I don’t got time for the hypnosis pretty words narrative bullshit.

White folks in general are put forward as “the enemy” special of the day not all just the ones in suits or say bad words.

Not to me. I watch out for the sneaky bastards. You know em. You have to listen. You have to ignore the fools they show you. Because every once in a while. They’ll say something that is total bullshit or reveal they are somebody’s bitch. Some times it’s a throw away comment or some thing that reveals who they are.

Like I’ve said before if you don’t believe in anything or have a standard strong enough to stand on then your somebody’s bitch.

Plain and simple.

You have to have a line. A line for you. A line for when somebody or some business crosses it. It’s the only way people will know not to fuck with you or when they burn a bridge.

I don’t rock with zero standards people. I can’t trust em. Real talk. It’s not a white or black thing. It’s a whose bitch are you? Is your owner out to fuck me over? Is your owner out to fuck with my mind? My money?

To many damn questions even for me. I don’t rock with it I dump em.

Warm Regards



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