It’s that moment when you’re about to give up and your kid puts their hands on your back and says I believe in you. Holy shit!

My mind is going back to Robin Williams classic Hook! Before I even open my eyes to my five a.m. alarm.

My mind goes back to that moment in the final battle of Peter and Hook. Hook has Peter Jammed up to the side with Hook whispering evil spells into his ear.

“You know this is a dream, right? Your not Peter Pan. Your still Peter Banning. A cold successful workaholic lawyer who drinks to much and runs and hides from his wife and children.”

Hook is getting to him. But it is when his friends, his daughter and son tell him they believe him. That he is Peter Pan. That he is the hero of the story that he gains focus again and charges into the fight.

Again, it’s like this is what a man lives for. The moment when the children you have created become the kind of people to put their hands to your back and be the motivation to push you on. This is the joy of fatherhood.

My he rest in shit kicking glory. Legend.

Warm Regards



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