Doc Savage said it first….The mindset of a man matters

What is the goal?

What is the aim we should strive for as men?

Is it not to be people who overcome. Is it not to be at the top of our game. Is it not to be tested and refined in the troubling waters of life.

To dominant. To push ourselves to be better versions of ourselves. To reach the highest peek of who we can be. To not sit in mediocrity. To improve this world. To further ourselves along. To do honor to our ancesters and strive for self mastery.

To be courageous is the aim. To fight and beat back against fear is the goal of men.

Hmm. Don’t be a beta bitch be a dominant bad ass mother fucker-ah. For sure. Ya heard me.

Warm regards


Competition. Dominace games. The need to assert yourself and be a dominant bad ass…

It’s the thing that separates the beta bitch from the dominant bad ass. The need to assert yourself as a man and dominant the game your engaged in by skill, work effort and force of will.

Why do men lose sleep from working and striving to be the best at their chosen vocation? Why do they put in 60 plus hours at something just to make a dollar more or a hundred dollars more.




There might some truth to it. But, I don’t think so anymore. Why?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. still want to fight?

Having done all he wanted and achieved the ­čĺ░, fame and respect it still isn’t enough. The need to compete, to dominate is still there.

It can’t be just greed alone. The will to win, to be respected to be at the top forms the way a man lives his life and shows in his attitude whether his head is in the game or the game is being played on him.

A man must be, he has to be a dominant bad ass for sure.

Warm regards


How to be comfortable looking like a dumbass when your learning something new.

I’m learning a new skill at my day job. There are certain risks in it and current moments I just feel like a dumbass for moments doing something wrong and then I shake it off.


I’ve spent two to three years learning new skills and feeling like a dumbass half of the time. I’m an old fuck but still I have the same uncomfortable moments when I’m learning something new.

Before, it was a headache and I got the shits half the time from self-esteem bullshit and fear. Now. I don’t give a fuck.

I learned that it’s okay to look like a dumbass learning and making mistakes in the beginning. It’s okay to be a little careful and to ease your way into getting into the groove of a skill.

My groove sets in when I’ve had a couple of months in the shit. I am a slow learner. But, generally when I learn something I take it to heart and I make it my own as natural to me as walking.

Humility goes a long way for other people being understanding toward you in the beginning. It also helps to give yourself a break and time to understand and master the elements of how a skill works in the sum of it’s parts to get the best results from it.

I give 110 percent commitment and honest effort in work and learning a skill. I don’t want to stay the same because everything I have ever started I was interested in I was shit at it from the jump. But, I never stayed being shit. I kept at it and I get better or I move on to something else.

Generally speaking in learning a particular skill set. Perfect practice is a rule I learned in college. There is practice doing things the wrong way and mastering the wrong way and there is perfect practice doing a skill set the right way and mastering doing things the right way.

I’m willing to look foolish, and make basic mistakes and be corrected and helped into doing things the right way. I’m unwilling not to put my best effort into becoming better or more skilled at what I do.

Warm Regards,


Alright I’m looking to a translation of Marcus Aurelius…I need a bit of help.

Your comments wanted. The first time I listened to an audiobook of the legend’s meditation I was…confused.

I thought….okay when is it going to get to the meat. The famous shit. All I heard was wisdom. Simple and pure wisdom. Truth that is true for all time.

I kept listening…..I was half an hour in and I realized…oh this is a wisdom book. It was more then a little surprising in a good way. Marcus spoke that real shit.

The translation I heard was by George Long.

Excellent translation but I’m wondering if there are better translations I can find. Looking to get a hardback or paper for Christmas later part of the year.

Any advice is well appreciated.

Warm Regards,


It’s that moment when you’re about to give up and your kid puts their hands on your back and says I believe in you. Holy shit!

My mind is going back to Robin Williams classic Hook! Before I even open my eyes to my five a.m. alarm.

My mind goes back to that moment in the final battle of Peter and Hook. Hook has Peter Jammed up to the side with Hook whispering evil spells into his ear.

“You know this is a dream, right? Your not Peter Pan. Your still Peter Banning. A cold successful workaholic lawyer who drinks to much and runs and hides from his wife and children.”

Hook is getting to him. But it is when his friends, his daughter and son tell him they believe him. That he is Peter Pan. That he is the hero of the story that he gains focus again and charges into the fight.

Again, it’s like this is what a man lives for. The moment when the children you have created become the kind of people to put their hands to your back and be the motivation to push you on. This is the joy of fatherhood.

My he rest in shit kicking glory. Legend.

Warm Regards


Now the bad side of being conflict hungry is fighting the wrong enemy…

Or fighting a ghost. Sometimes the enemy doesn’t show himself. Sometimes he fools you pointing you to look at the wrong target.

Real talk. That is an issue for my skin folk. We’re all to easily fooled by TV and “reliable” souces.

Yes me too. That’s why I don’t watch the news. I hear about it and then I read for general information because I don’t got time for the hypnosis pretty words narrative bullshit.

White folks in general are put forward as “the enemy” special of the day not all just the ones in suits or say bad words.

Not to me. I watch out for the sneaky bastards. You know em. You have to listen. You have to ignore the fools they show you. Because every once in a while. They’ll say something that is total bullshit or reveal they are somebody’s bitch. Some times it’s a throw away comment or some thing that reveals who they are.

Like I’ve said before if you don’t believe in anything or have a standard strong enough to stand on then your somebody’s bitch.

Plain and simple.

You have to have a line. A line for you. A line for when somebody or some business crosses it. It’s the only way people will know not to fuck with you or when they burn a bridge.

I don’t rock with zero standards people. I can’t trust em. Real talk. It’s not a white or black thing. It’s a whose bitch are you? Is your owner out to fuck me over? Is your owner out to fuck with my mind? My money?

To many damn questions even for me. I don’t rock with it I dump em.

Warm Regards


I believe in the west…

I’m feel poetical for a moment please indulge me…

The west…

Not the dirt. Not it’s people entirely. The ideals and the virtues handed down through generations of men and schools of thoughts and families. That is what I believe in. The Way, The True, The Life. Yes. I do hold myself apart of the tribe.

The Meditations┬áby Marcus Aurelius. I’ve tasted of that wisdom. I value it like a tree values rain after long hot days of scorching heat.

I am…I am thrusty for wisdom in this age of dumbasses and violent skin folk and hypnotizing videos that a culture uses to fuel it’s rage and self pity.

Translation….the George Flody shit. I can’t find the comedy in it yet other then to say…one jury member confessed that they voted a man guilty not because of evidence or confidence of their decision. They voted out of fear that the Black Rambos where going to riot and set a city on fire to get their way. Was the fear unjustified? Not really. The Blacks already did it once the assumption is they’ll do it again.

My thoughts on hearing the jury member’s fears and decision. What a fucking pussy. A American Highlander isn’t a pussy and no Black Rambo can respect pussy behavior. Though they wouldn’t give a damn either way.

I am a man of the west. My thoughts do not line up with the Black Thought of the day. It is not my own decision. It is a strange evolution of upbringing and stimulus of being born in the west and raised on archetypes of Tango & Cash and Escape from LA.

I am an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets. I am nobody’s slave.

Warm Regards