Just Brainstorming, Bard of Avon style Romantic bullshit setting and Epic

Okay….modern setting. Prologue. Lunch meeting turns into Romantic encounter and go.

The fool talks to hear himself speak. When he speaks he utters lies to cover his crimes. His native language is fantasy and mischief.

Those were of my grandmother’s wisdom as I sat down for lunch with my head sells rep. Clive Morris from my brokes brothers store.

I heard lies in Clive’s voice in his manner of carrying himself and his avoidance of my direct stare.

Clive was stealing money from my company. I hadn’t been sure it was him until our lunch meeting began. But, when our lunch arrived at the table I was sure and knew I had to take action.

Colorful laughter caught my attention. It tickled my ears and had my head turning in the direction of the source.

A slinder red head with creamie caramel brown skin was laughing at something someone at her table said. Her face was a open joyful delight. Full lips. Jade dancing eyes and a cherry red dress the same color as her straight red hair.

I stared at her. Until she noticed me. She stared back with as much interest as I gave her. I smiled at her.

“You have a lovely laugh.”

She blushed. “Thank you.” She said and turned away.

I wasn’t ready to end the engagement. I would handle Clive later. “It must have been a good joke.”

She half turned to me. “Not really. I just appreciated the effort. I’m with someone.”

“You would find more entertainment with me and I would hold and demand you attention for more then an hour.” I said confidently.

“A bit arrogent.” She said still not looking away.

I stared at her and unfolded my full smile. “I’m holding your attention and focus now. I’m sure we can both entertain each for a lot then an hour. I’m James Dellmore. What’s your name?”

Hmmm. Not enough poetry. Action is there. But, good prologue for something more.

Warm Regards



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