You remember that time U.S. government lied about shooting down a plane filled with Americans? #FuckedUpShit

Time and the devil will tell. It’s old saying.

I never knew entirely what it meant until I watched a committee for the out going Bush jr. Administration confess finally to shooting down a plane of Americans in American Airspace, down to American soil, killing Americans on board. Along with some other shit.

The shit happened on 9/11. The records got unsealed years after the fact.

I understand why Bush did it. Once the planes crashed into the towers that was it. Every other plane had to be taken down so the planes wouldn’t crash into the white house and any other government building.

But, there was bullshit before the truth came out. There was lifetime movies and stories about heroes on board jumbo planes fighting armed terrorists and suceeded in stopping the terrorists taking the planes down and saving lives.

Heroic stories of men with plastic knifes taking down armed terrorists on board. Hmm. Yep. That’s what we were told and I believed it.

I was young and a pussy at the time that’s the only excuse I could give but the truth did come out and the devil told me what happened.

The time came for the truth to come out. The devil told me what the obvious truth was about.

The shit wasn’t hidden. At that point people were to drunk and didn’t give a damn thinking about a black President would bring about unity. I still heard it. People didn’t give a damn but I did and I still remember.

I understand the reasons but I don’t forgive the bullshit. People in power and that controlled the publics eyes on entertainment and news had to agree to the lie. They had to make movies, tell news stories and sell the shit for years. They pocketed money on a lie.

If you think Obama did nothing wrong. He don’t have blood on his hands too. Well..

Time and the devil will tell or just Google it and somebody will have a different propective and shit to show you.

Think about it in todays sense. Would anyone in the government lie to you about Covid? Have they lied to you about Covid.

Side note: Fuckers liked Bush after he hated on Big T. Forgive and forget? Fuck that bullshit.

Warm Regards



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