History is written by bullshiters and simp ass losers so can you trust what you think you know?

Just a question on my mind now. I woke up and thought about a lot of the bullshit we’ve been told by the government and the ministry of propaganda.

A lot a people now are comfortable with the shit because it’s comfortable lies masked in 1 percent truth. It’s easy to accept when it’s rosy and you don’t have to think much about a Crept Keeper in office that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and Washington Dc still being located up and under the consent watchful eyes of big brother’s sister She/him.

But, fifty to hundred years from now when the state of America will be long gone. I do wonder when your descendents will be walking around will they wonder how did we all go brain dead and believe the lies of the overlord leaders. The lies of the past will be obvious to them.

If some young asshole should ask me this question I would say…

Lies of the past? Bitch, the ministry of propaganda is still alive and well today. They call themselves the care bears news network.

They’ll look at me and wonder how a young man like me could know that shit. I wouldn’t even bother to tell I’m an American Highlander.

Warm Regards


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