What’s wrong with aborting rapists? I don’t get it. (Comedy?)

Alright go with me on this

entertain the notion for a moment. What the hell is wrong with putting a bitch to sleep when he has raped a young lady?

You’ll give me this, that’s not right or moral. You can’t just put bitches to sleep just because a bitch or a group of bitches rape a girl in the middle of the fucking street. Putting bitches down costs money and what about animal rights?

This fucking shit!

I’d do the shit for free or pay a vet to do the job and give him a special shot gun and room to get the job done. It’s all simple to me. You got the evidence. You got the witnesses and you got a motive. Put the bitch to sleep.

You’ll even give me, well we do have abortions. The mother can put the child of the bitch to sleep.

Bitch please!

Fuckers trying to be slick. I want to put bitches to sleep they want to give some bullshit of don’t do that how about I piss in your soup. That’s better right?

Fucking bullshit.

Warm, Regards


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