The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 11


I saw Eddie chilling on the side sitting down on a load stand talking to a shorty new hire. It was the second time today.

“Eddie. Come on man, haul ass. We got twent minutes until the end of the shift. You got a pack of Marlboros on me my guy if you can finish that trailer up on time.”

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Eddie got his ass up quick at the mention of Marlboros and ducked in to a trailer and started hauling ass knocking down packages on the extendo.

I walked down the row of trailer doors. Seeing people working hard to get it done. I checked my watch.

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5:38 p.m.

Shit the time was creeping up I still had to check outside to see if some new trailers came in while I was inside. I hurried back down the alley as Kate came up to me looking stressed. I started walking away to exit out to the yard she followed me.

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“Papi. We don’t have anymore Ncs coming in right. My section is blown up to much from the last half hour. My people need a break.”

“No. Audi wants us to just run overhead. I got to go check the yard.”

“What’s your deal, Papi? I was just playing around?”

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I gave her a look. Kate turned and ran away. It was the smartest thing she’s done in two days sense she started her bullshit game between me and Chad. I knew she was on some bullshit.

I walked to the back exit and looked outside to see four new trailers on the fucking pad. I hurried outside to them and opened one up. It was full. Shit.

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“I know. That was my expression.”

I turned to watch my two favorite yard dogs Guy and Tee come over with their reflective safety vests on.

“We already checked them my guy. Two sams club. One Mitch hardwares. One Walmart.” Guy said.

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“Where you want em?” Tee asked.

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“I’ll tell you in a bit. You guys are doing great today. I got you for lunch tomorrow. What you want?”

“Red Lobster.” Tee said.

“Red Lobster.” Guy said

I frowned at him. “Really?! Alright.”

They grinned at me.

“We’re just fucking with you.” Guy said.

“McDonald’s my guy.” Tee said.

I flipped them off as I walked toward the door inside. “I got you.”

I headed inside to see two doors were empty. I pushed my radio.

“Yard dogs, come back.”

“Roof. Roof. Yeah go.” Guy said.

I smiled. “I need two trailers pulled on 12 and 13. Then put a Walmart up on 12 and put the Sam’s on 13..” I paused to checked my time.

5:50 p.m.

Damn. I was short on time. I wasn’t going to finish them up on time. But they had to go up. “You copy.”

“Got you, my guy.” Guy said.

“Chase, comeback.” Audi said to me on the radio.

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Shit. “Yeah go.””

“Your sixty-eight in total and raising. What’s the down time?”

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68,000 packages in total and rising holy shit. I ran over to my computer and damn…it was 70,000 now.

“Chase. Come back ” Audi said.

“How’s load section?” I asked.

“Blown up all way down. They’re full up and we’re low on belly trailers. What’s the down time?” Audi said.

“Alright. Shut it down.” I said.

“Shutting it down. Congrats on breaking 60 but you’ll still need work on keeping up the speed of your crew the first two hours was slow.”

“Got you. I’m coming to control. Show me the numbers then on rate of unload.”

“Copy that.” Audi said.

Hot damn. I turned to walk to the control room. Managers from around the building came up and high-fived me. I saw Eddie catch my eye holding out his arms.

I held up a pack I had gotten it just in case for him and threw it to him. He caught it and held up his fist at me I did the same. What a day.

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