Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….



I woke up on a lab bed fully dressed in my leather jacket and jeans. I felt weird. I started to raise up and looked around at the empty laboratory.

I looked in my vest pocket to find my detapad. It wasn’t there. I checked my pockets. All my shit was gone.

What the fuck was going on?

The door to room slid open. Dr. Jackson walked in. I frowned at how I knew him but I didn’t know him.

He had a clear bag in his hand and a tablet computer in the other.

I recognized my detapad, wallet, keys and my boots. He handed me the bag silently.

I took it and started fishing my shit out of the bag. “What happened? Did one of brothers bring me?”

“Happy 1st Birthday. This is a bio birthing lab.”

I froze and checked the back of my right ear. I felt the three bumps. I dropped my hand away and then started gathering my stuff and then quickly putting on my boots. I checked my detapad. It was Tuesday, the 6th and I had an appointment to get to. I just wondered if I had a crew to bring to it.

I looked at Jackson. “Is my crew here?”

Dr. Jackson watched me taking notes. “Yes. They all just had their birthdays today.” He said in that asshole condescending emotionaless voice.

Damn. Some of them were going to be freaking out. I didn’t have time for this. We had to make it to the meeting or we were shit out of luck and would be terminated permanently by the BattleStar corporation.

“I’ll take over the debriefing. You stay the fuck out of it.” I said.

Jackson started to open his mouth and I came up swinging popping him in the chin and knocking his old ass out. I took his tablet and found the information I needed of their room numbers and the time when our orginals was declared dead.

I had to move. We had a twenty-four hours to complete the mission.

Warm Regards,



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