The perfect shit storm…

I look on this year as a year of laughter and success in one aspect and failures in others.

But, I also have a sense as I look on the events in items of a list I find myself thinking not what’s next but what the fuck is this all leading to…the answer being I don’t know but the list of items have happened and are happening now in 2021.

List the items of strange weird batshit events is as follows:

1) Weird election results but no audit.

2) Weird rollout of vaccine protein spikes.

3) Vaccine passports of travel.

4) Vaccine mandates for hospitals.

5) Companies begging for workers.

6) Stories of people dying from vaccine shots.

7) Fears of less lethal delta variant.

8) The I quit times.

9) U.S. loses the Afghanistan war.

10) vaccine pills daily are coming…..

This is the short list. You have your own. I did not mention the batshit winter storm in Texas because….well that shit was tame compared to everything else this year so far.

More is to come. I say that as a realist. The pattern is already here. Things are not getting reasonable. Things are getting weirder. What the fuck is this all leading to? I don’t know. All I know is..

Winter is coming.

Warm Regards,



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