An Ode to Eric

In summer of 2019….

My life was at a crossroads. The tide of change had come and I felt like it was taking me under.

My cousin Bee came and showered on me love, support and loyalty and best of all brought with her a friend indeed.

My heart was heavy my mind trouble and confused. Still I welcomed him as a friend of my cousin. My heart.

He showered on me love, feed me when I was hungry and supported me in my decisions. Guidance and unbiased wisdom was the fruit he feed to my soul and then the winds of roads of travel carried him on.

Still….for showing me a high quality man that reaches down and supports a stranger and calls him a brother…

I love him though I will probably never see his face or hear his voice. I owe him at least one Ode to thee. An Ode to the most honorable man I have ever known short of my own Daddy.


The reason for this poem of my friend js that he is taking up a fight I care about. A fight with Cancer in a 50 mile donation race. His aim is raise 10 grand. I wish I could give him 20 or all the cash I have but I know he would be all but in my face about it. So I’m donating what I can to the cause of finding a cure to Cancer.

If you feel so moved to do so please passing the grace of what have in funds to help race all the more harder

The donation drive is until September 11.

Warm Regards,



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